Holy crap, I need advise

Hello all, I’ve been fighting these plants for the past three + weeks, and I need serious help.
The situation is grim, most of my girls look terrible and I’m am stumped, this is my second grow so my knowledge is limited.
The particulars:
Strain: wacky clones I get from a family member. Makes up their own names.
Growing medium: 50% promix bx, 25% coco, 25% perlite, In 2 gallon pots.
Lights: 4’ 8 bulb t5 and two t8 fixtures on either side to get more coverage.
Feeding with: GH floratrio + calmag
Two oscillating fans on plants and one box fan blowing air out of my grow room.

I’ve been wrestling with the ph of the medium since I noticed issues a few weeks ago. Super low PH, like 4.5 when they dry out just before watering then bounces back to 5.7-6.3 after watering/feeding but I am losing my shit here :’(
I have obvious deficiencies and woke up to the claw, so obviously nitrogen toxicity.
I’m giving proper feed amounts but it’s not properly getting to the plants because I think they are locked out from the low ph.
After waking up this morning to the claw I took one plant out and flushed it with ph’ed water and waiting to see if that helps.


They dnt look too bad, savable for sure. How much water did u flush with and at what ph? Also the promix, is it the herb and veg mix?and size of pots??

Might be a little over watered

What are you checking ph with? And are you checking your water and feedings both in and out?