Holy brown spot Batman!

Well hello Bud’s,

I am in my first grow 4 weeks into flower day 52. I just discovered I have a hermi. (SUCK) I decided to carry on anyhow and remove as many pollen sacs as I could find. I am growing in soil, and recently switched fertilizers on the flip to reduce the nitrogen and increase the P&K for bud production. In veg stage everything went perfect, however I know the Flowering stage is where the plant stops growing leaves and focuses all its energy on the bud sites. During this time period, from what I have read, she can be very delicate. Enough talking, here are my pics. All I want to know is if this will affect the cola’s? Can I let the leaves just die and get re-absorbed, or prune them? At this point in my flowering stage chemicals are not an option. Thank you in advance!

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Showed you the bad and ugly, now for the good pic’s.

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You’d have to give us more details about your feeding schedule and runoff ppm and ph numbers so we have a better idea of whats going on and how to tackle the issue properly. Based off rhe charts below im thinking calcium deficiency

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Looks like a standard calmag deficiency. Either caused from lockout/ph issues or not using enough.

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Feeding cycle has been water, two days later feed, repeat. (Depending on PPM) Soil is FF happy frog 5 lbs cloth pot. I test the soil moisture level and I do a complete wet dry cycle. Soil Ph is between 6-7. Run off Ph is 6.59. Tap water Ph has been lil high at 7.45 but has never been an issue. Switched nutes at flip from Micro Life Ocean Harvest 4-2-3 to FF Tiger Bloom 2-8-4 and Big Bloom. My PPM as of last night when I watered with run off was 1062. O, and a Samsung LM301B full spec LED grow light. Temp is running at 71 night 75 day with 50-55 Rh.

So you never used cal mag

Ditto @Poseidon1

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Never needed to, until now is seems.

Never used any cal mag. Guess I will get some, is it even worth it this close to harvest?

No, figured my soil mix would do the job alone. FF Happy Frog.

Yeah it’s will carry you for the first for weeks but when i looked up your first nutrient it said had molasses in it that covered the cal mag part then you stop and switch to foxfarm which you have too add cal mag with

Brilliant. Thank you!

Although molasses does have some calmag in it, i would never consider it enough to supplement with it. Calmag should be in every growers arsenal unless your in coco using a nute like jacks 321