Holes In Leaves

Within the last two days I’ve been noticing some holes in some of the leaves on my plants. I looked this up online and I’m seeing a ton of stuff that can cause this, and I’m not seeing any evidence of bugs or anything, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

RH is 55%

Daytime temp is 71>75 F

I’m growing indoor, and in FF Ocean Forest soil.

Using I < 3 Marijuana Nutes once a week.

I’ve got one smallish fan blowing on it’s lowest setting over the plants. An active intake, with an exhaust both on low settings.

Oh and I’ve got some bagged C02 hanging over the plants in the tent.

I’m wondering if it’s 1.) nute burn or 2.) stress from the fan? Anyone have any idea? PS. The only issue I have with my fan theory is that it’s not just happening on new top growth.

I am a first time grower and I got this when I transplanted to 3 gallon fabric bags in happy frog soil it got better after couple days some said it was from PH fluctuations but I’m not 100% as like I said I’m a first timer

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Probably just damaged leaves. If there’s no more like it I wouldn’t worry too much. If there’s a few more. I would check for pests. I would check for them just in case. I’m just paranoid.

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I’m paranoid too lol I defoliated a bit this morning and actually took a couple of the leaves under a microscope. I wasn’t seeing anything. Im thinking I might spray with been anyway? I’m also wondering if it’s a zinc def, my last two phs have been on the high side. 6.7 - 6.8

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I think im having the same issue as you are. If i find anythimg out ill be sure to post it.

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Take a look at the mutilated leaves topic in this category. i just topped my plants recently and so did they with similar results to what were seeing on ours. Did you top recently?

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I actually haven’t topped these guys at all. I have to wonder if it’s something I did LST though.

Thanks dude.

Check the whole plant under the leafs for pest, there sneaky, some only show at dark time, …
But… It may just be something I’ve done a lot and seem to be similar… when I feed sometime I get nutrient splash on some leafs and it does that…

New growth will be a lighter green until they mature more and then should become the same color as lower growth
Your Ph is within range for soil…(6.5 sweet spot)…if coco than it is too high. I believe coco should be around 5.8 ph

I’ve always had some random holes in plant leaves that look like your pic but not much and my only conclusion is there are harmless critters in my basement that from time to time sample them. The total they take combined during a grow may equal 1 leaf and I remove 100x that amount of plant material when thinning them so I’m happy to provide a meal or two to whatever they are.

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No problem hope i can help im new to this tho. what im being told is it is because i topped my plant. make total sense. now i need to figure out what im doing wrong when i top. and for lst i have no idea. thats next for me to learn.

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To much wind can cause holes like that but you see other signs of wind damage first. I get holes from moving my plant, defoliation, looking through the plant and just messing with it. I would not worry.

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Mine does that too I don’t know what it is I thought maybe wind damage I’ve been told to use been oil but I don’t see any sort of bugs or anything else