Holes in leaves - just switched to flowering

Hi all, I’m seeing some holes in a few of the leaves - mostly just on one of my 3 plants:

I don’t see any evidence of bugs (other than maybe the holes), but this is my 1st grow, so I’m prob not as good at spotting the signs as some of you with more experience. I included a lot of pics from one of the leaves I picked with holes…hopefully someone will spot something I’m not. I just switched to flowering recently, so I’m hoping I don’t have to treat for bugs.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think U got a dope mucher.


Ok, that sucks. I have neem oil, and I was using that and some other things before I switched to flowering (DE and mosquito bits). I’ve heard it’s bad to spray neem oil on the plants during flowering, as it will affect the taste of the buds. I’m less than a week into flowering tho, so maybe it’s still early enough that I can treat with neem oil? Otherwise, do you have ideas for how to handle them without neem oil?

Get some Capt. Jacks Dead Bug you can use right thru harvest. Lowes has it.


Right on, thx for the tip. I didn’t see any in stock at the stores around me, so I’m just Amazon-ing it. Hopefully things will be a-ok again soon :slight_smile:


Agreed. Capt. Jacks!