Holding germinated seeds for indoor grow box

I have 3 seeds
that I want to germinate and grow inside a grow box and I want to use the scrog method which is relevant to my next question. Once these seeds are germinated (I plan to use rapid rooters starter plugs) could I leave the seedlings outside of the box under direct sunlight with the plugs floating in a properly leveled ph water source? I would place an air stone I use to keep minnows For fishing bait alive directly in the water source. How long do you think I could leave plants like that until I would need to transplant?

Lemme find some hydro gurus…

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Can u leave a rooter IN water and it grow? Or is that a recipe for overwatering/dampening off?

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RR’s need to be damp and not wet.


The rooter should dry out completely once you have roots in water. Until then, as @Myfriendis410 said - damp but not soaked. Not dripping wet. Better to simply mist the seedlings until they get roots long enough to feed themselves.

In answer to the question:

Yes - you can use the sun as your lamp. No, you can’t float the plugs in water. They will soak up too much water and you might get stem rot. Better to set the plugs in a seedling tray and mist them until the roots emerge from the bottom of the rooters and are long enough to be transplanted to whatever medium you wish to use in your grow box. What medium do you wish to use in your grow box?