Hola, new here from AZ...Autoflower

It’s Brian and I’m wondering about transplanting…I have heard that it’s NOT a great idea to transplant, but I transplanting way too early last time (I had a few seeds that a lady gave me)…My question is, can I use the same grow bag (pot) for this new plant if I pull it out(with the same soil and fertilizer)???

You want fresh soil every time. You can’t reuse soil. I don’t think transplanting is really a big deal provided you do it the right way. Starting a plant in a Jiffy pod gives you a base that makes transplanting the plant easy as pie.

But the lady that gave me these had them in brand new 1 gallon plastic pot…I’m kinda thinking R. Bergman has a great idea by just putting the open seedlings directly in there forever home, and I have perfect fabric bags for growing

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I plant my germinated auto seeds right into its final home usually a 3 gallon has worked out for me


The same here, put 4 in their forever 3 gallon pot after the 6th day of sprout. Usually I’ll wait an extra few days but these stretched so much I was out of room for more soil in my solo cup :love_you_gesture:

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Stretching is usually a problem of insufficient light lower or turn up your light

It all depends autos usually dont get transplants as that usually causes some stress to the plant and autos havr no recovery time for stress. Photos are another story always best to start small and move up as going big for beginners usually causes too much watering and damping off. Transplants are usually fone once the leaves touch or surpass the edges of the cup or pot they r in solo cups usually best as the plant slides right out the cup woth a slight push at the very bottom center of cup. Good luck. Soil may be used over multipme times but usually adding amendments in prior to to get the soil back up to par or basically starting with nutes from old batch and thats not good not being washed out. Bloom nutes in veg is no good.