Hogs white widow autos side by side nectar vs Remo


my chocolope in Remo stopped stretching at around 4 foot, Amnesia haze at around 3 foot. They are both in same res under same light. Amnesia haze top colas are bigger. By far they are stinkiest, stickiest buds I have done yet. I reordered Remo last week. One thing I definitely noticed is that Remo leaves me with increased root staining. Kind of black, not brown.


Remo wins if she fills out all we can do is wait for the totals lol


those gals are growing so fast!!!
great growing,and comparison @Hogmaster


They look great @Hogmaster I’ll add remo nutes into consideration along with NFTG. How close to chopping?


Few weeks still


Wow, what a difference so far. Although Remo has height, i love the thickness from nectar of gods


Tou always make things look so easy hahahahaha
Looking great cant wait to start my Remo nutrients
I have them all ready to go
I like the nftg line but have some high hopes for thr remo and frim what im seeing i wont be let down
WooHoo :raised_hands:


They both look great. I like the thickness of the Nectar plant a lot but boy oh boy if the Remo plant starts busting moves and keeps moving out and less up she will be totally amazing. Great growing @Hogmaster :green_heart: :seedling:


Im thinking the remo will fatten up here shortly @FreakyDeekie
Looks like it ready to from pictures lol


Filling in nice Remo

and the nectar of the gods she is fat and thick way ahead as far as harvesting but should be interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They,are looking awesome @Hogmaster


Beautiful my friend!


side by side Remo ( left ) nectar of the gods (right) 1st off the nectar she is rock hard smell is great In my pride and joy Remo nutrients huge girl this will be a monster if she keeps this up filling in great she is just big


Both plants look awesome! :+1::+1:


they both look tasty @Hogmaster


Im with the boys looking great :+1:
Starting mine soon
Just waiting fir seedlings to pop dirt woohoo
Happy growing boys and girls


Wow your Remo girl is so much taller but nectars so full.


The nectar is about 2 weeks ahead she is really close to being done now sure why but she is Finishing fast


They are 58 days old today :evergreen_tree:


because nectar is designed to force calcium into the plant so your getting the fullness from the calcium but your not getting the stretch that you get from ammonia based nitrates. Your soil must be rich in beni microbes which nectar works well with because the microbes dont have to break down the nutrients to eat. Nectar is already digested so the microbes feed the plant faster thus finish faster and taste better. You wont get a record setting yield but the taste and resin production is going to be out of this world. @Hogmaster if you have any nectar questions let me know I use them exclusively. If you really want to bring out the best you need to add aphrodites extraction, kraken, and tritons trawl. the aphrodites feeds the microbes and puts carbs and sugars in your plants, the kraken is a silica equivalent that you can not over do it will make your stalks thick and strong, the triton is a fish bone meal that wont leave the fish taste but it will bring out hues,smell, taste and oil production. those are the only additives to the line that you must have.