Hogs white widow autos side by side nectar vs Remo


It will be interesting to see what the Remo will do .If it turns out to “beat” nectar. It will certainly be sum Badass stuff! @Hogmaster


The nectar might be smaller but it’s still almost 2foot tall but it’s thick and Frostie the Remo seems to be a week behind but it will be catching up fast it the growth rate stays the way it is !!! I really can’t wait to start a photo test with the Skywalker OG


It’s been In business over 120 years 40 years dedicated to cannabis


It’s all about Finesse and the way you feed it I believe I hope I have it figured out


Oh Snap! That will be Super interesting! Please tag me in that grow when you start it @Hogmaster


You will be the first on the list I think I’m going to also do trainwreck and either a strawberry Kush or pineapple or both


@70sChick I have taken off probably for fan leaves they were so huge bigger than my hand Off both of them 5weeks ish


I believe you are right @Hogmaster.
I’ve been Aggressively Super Cropping and fimming several plants, Chocolope, Bubble Gum, White Widow and Gold Leaf along with feeding the Nectar and using pond water. I think I’ve found what they like


Oh SWEET! That sounds awesome! @Hogmaster


Will be starting after the first if I can control myself


@Hogmaster. Famous last words! :joy:


So far im amazed at the way my girls are reacting with Nectar. I used GH first grow , waiting to see what your take is of Remo in comparision at harvest.


How many pictures down does the nectar start suggesting you separate the two sets of pictures next time you post lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Girls look good buddy
What feeding schedule are you using water water feed or water feed water feed ??
Answers I demand answers lmfao have a great day people woohoo


Very nice looking great im no expert on it YET. this is my very first grow and i litterally get most of my knowledge from my mother who is a florist of 20 years and a gardener for the entire 40 years of my life. I decided to do a auto mix pack with 5 lowrider too im 40 days in and if i hadnt marked what they where i wouldnt know they all look different and at same time they all look the same i posted pics on indoor the grow would love any info/advice as mother has no idea exactlly what kind of flowers i am growing lol


@dowencarson can you tag me into tour thread
Put @ symbol in front of my user name just like i sid with your it will notify me id be happy to take a look
Hogmaster is working today so he may not see your post till later
Om also working but have time through out the day to check in hear
Not better mentor then mom
Does she know what your growing just curious lol
Happy growing :v:️CB


@Countryboyjvd1971 I believe @Hogmaster is using feed,feed,water. As he suggested to me. But, I could be wrong… :v::sunglasses:


Thanks @70sChick i was wondering and being to lazy to actually read back in thread hahaha


Yw @Countryboyjvd1971 I do the same thing… :sunglasses: just seems easier to ask, than go looking for the answer sometimes. Baahaaa…:seedling:


Absolutly not mom is 63 but i value my life so she thinks im doing flower garden for wife i will add u if i can figure out how this is my second day of using the forum. And thanks for any and all advice mom is wxcellent for general knowledge especially with organics its kinda her specialty but i did start this off by buying a 8 site (dwc) and everything to do ponics but had so much trouble with ph gave up and found organics to be the simplist to grow so here i am 40 days in and all ive had for help is a couple different growers web sites but seems like all they do is argue until i found ILGM even though i couldnt reply or ask questions i got tons of good info just by reading what everyone else was asking by far the best site ive found and i no longer even look at what anuone else has to say


@dowencarson Just got to your thread and post as normal
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@70sChick yeah exactly