Hogs white widow autos side by side nectar vs Remo


At this point I am liking results of both products and please don’t take my critique as insult not intended to be just food for thought and a different perspective before we rush to conclusions


I rotate them every feeding each one has a 450 above it with my 600 for side light At this point it is truly a even match I want all the feedback from whoever wants to feed it you’re not gonna hurt my feelings


Top nectar of gods 2nd pic Remo

Remo is 6-8 In taller


You can really see the stretch that @Donaldj pointed out earlier now. Almost as the height difference between the two plants. Also looks like nectar plant started flowering earlier too?

I love side by side grows! Mostly because I know how much work they are, but there is also always something to be learned. Thanks for the effort and the regular updates! Unfortunately, I would have hard time determining one line over the other based off this. It would probably mean a little more being done from clones taken from same mother, and a couple of each. The autos are just a little too finicky in my opinion to say that any conclusions could be drawn from nutrients. Right now one is taller, but it just appears to be stretched. The other seems to have more developed bud sites. Can’t really say that either of those are from nutes.

I think they look great anyway! And still definitely enjoying following the thread.


@dbrn32 I agree 100% autos are finicky as hell thats why I’m doing a true side by side after the New Year will be doing a 4 way with fem seeds flower power vs nectar vs Remo vs Gh it will be fun


On my first grow with Remo now. Chocolope and amnesia haze. They both are leggy plants. Chocolope is 12 inch taller and are still stretching, 50 inches and stiff going. Even the side branches are super long. Remo on left


Looks great @bryan


Best side by sides are done with clones no 2 seeds are going to have identical plants I also have been doing lots of reading on led’s and cobs and quite often some of the individual chips burn out on lights making PAR in zones quite different. Which is going back to my question of rotation I meant to say do you swap plants back and forth in position under lights and near fan?
I am already warned off Remo by what I have seen so far hopefully they do really well in flower but I like tight node spacing and compact plants stretch can be good if the nodes are there but otherwise just equals more work for me tying kolas and bending to keep out of lights if the stretch isn’t complimented by nodes. The more a lady stretches the more lights need raising the less lower limbs and buds get light decreased yield unless those kolas are massive mind you may be good for scrog?


I am 100% agree with you on clones but most of the people I help or from seed and I would be more than happy to do clone side by side as well . Have to wait till new year to do the true side by side


Lol. I say for job security, go with the seeds unless Robert starts selling clones. Hmm… I’d buy clones


And yes I do rotate plants every other day every feeding


and gold leaf


They look good! The tall one is on the Remo nutes?


Tats correct @bob31


Does that big box fan blow directly on your girls?
:v: :sunglasses:


Yes it does sometimes but I have 4 other small fans hanging the big one is when it’s full


Looking good @Hogmaster
I received my nutrients just before i went to fla brother
Ill ne dropping a fee gl beans soon for my test run with the line
Cant wait woohoo
@bryan your girls look great as well
I think @Donaldj made a few good points on variables but i do believe you can get a good idea fro doinf a side bu side as you are
Im using the nectar line now and i like it but i cant wait to try the Remo line out woohoo


Remo is top I have a great feeling it’s going to fill out nicely should be one big cola

Uploading…and nectar The nectar line seems to be a little bit further ahead already getting Frostie


Looking good. I knew Nectar wouldn’t let me down! Thanks for this very interesting side by side @Hogmaster


I’ve had a lot of grows with the white widow auto’s and I am by far very impressed with the nectar of the gods the Remo nutrients have really blown my mind for the stage that they’re at and the growth is incredible the flowers are doubling in size every other day I think it will fill out very nicely I have high expectations for it we will see :wink: