Hogs white widow autos side by side nectar vs Remo


Talk about a big jump nectar top Remo bottom

Remo is about 4in taller


reaching big time!


the remo nute line seems to be more powerful right out of the gate!


I believe they’re strictly a cannabis nutrient two thumbs up


i still have nectar nutes in the box…lol
i’ll use them for sure,but as far as buying??? i do not know…lol


Yeah after this I’m doing a 4 way photo plants Gh vs flower power vs Remo vs nectar


For anyone who is interested I’m not topping of fem just a straight auto gro


The Nectar plant looks fuller to me "short and bushy"
Remo is definitely taller but is it as full as the Nectar plant? :sunglasses::v: interesting for sure @Hogmaster


I was going to say the same thing as @70sChick, the Nectared plant looks bushier to me! :green_heart: :seedling:


It is a little the Stretch definitely makes it look skinnier when it lays down there about even I’ll need to get a few more pictures in normal light for everyone


like the new avitar @Hogmaster
we need to get @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 customized name tags…their is to much alike…lol


I’m just happy I have hair in the pic lol :joy:


I like it! @Hogmaster


Woo Hoo! Looking good in the avatar @Hogmaster


Wait…weed grows hair??? Whoohoo!!!


New updates the tallest is Remo and the smaller is nectar


its still a race, nectar looks thicker and fuller. looking forward to the yields from this test brother.


The stem on the Remo is really thick in the middle @bonnie1 I Wasn’t sure if I tagged you in this thought you might be interested in watching


@Hogmaster… hey I’m here, thanks for the tag… lookin nice Hogmaster :grimacing:… I’ll definitely have to try remo or nectar next time I need supplies. Just harvested a white widow auto and likin it :+1: I’ll have to join the experiments!


the fan I see in picture is closest to Remo plant too this is both a edge and a disadvantage making plant waste energy resisting the breeze and accounting for stem thickening slower node formation. The increased stress would increase stretch.
I have to wonder if any other variables may be unbalanced are plants rotated in position daily? to ensure equal light and conditions hard to do true side by side test. All I can say is if the results are really close than any variables between plants also need to be considered I know simply the position of my plants in mother space can change how they grow distance from fan and or best light cooler zone etc…