Hogs white widow autos side by side nectar vs Remo


Yep, first timer with Remo.


Nice @bryan looks like they are working for you
I ordered mine and im just waiting on delivery
Im excited to try them
Any thoughts in the line so far
Im also going to be doing a side by side grow against nectar line of nutes i may also use the ff since i have plenty on had and do a three way grow off :+1:
Any input would be appreciated tho
Happy growing my friend :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


White widow’s autos


@Laurap & @BIGE would love to have you :wink:


27 gallon res, 1 turkey baster syringe full (50cc) of each 6 ingredients in each 5 gallons really makes it simple for me. Leaves ppm at 1000, only issue has been pH drifting low and needing some pH Up bout every 3 days. everything else is good. Taken 5 clones so far and gave them to buddy who is much better with clones than me.


This is your FIRST INDOOR GROW? All those pretty buds of yours were grown outside? Never done autos & just started nectar of gods, so please id love to tag along!


Not my first indoor grow ?


@Hogmaster… that’s right I’m sorry… they look great… been so busy lately I forget where I am :joy:… want to follow your grow and see how long yours take. I’m gonna take pics of mine this weekend. I still have 2 wwa and 1 ssa cause I took a plant and dried a branch in a paper bag, It’s very good and I’m very happy right now but off to a wake :unamused: I have 3 wwa seedlings too. I’m happy I have too many plants :grimacing:


Thought i saw you’d grown outside. None the less theyve all been simply georgeous!


I lost a total of 14 plants outside this year been growing indoor for a little over a year and a half but yes outdoor is my passion but indoor is a lot of fun


Going to follow along if you don’t mind @Hogmaster :green_heart: :seedling:


Curious on your results @Hogmaster Switched to watching. Girls look great!


Reason i thought you were on first indoor grow i accidentally clicked on last years nov bud of month. Guessing first entry. And yes she was beautiful as your girls always are!


@bryan thats good stuff buddy
Tag me inti your thread if like to check it out
When you can
Im grow in soil myself👍


top Remo bottom Nectar of the godsboth are about even will have better picture tonight :wink:


Awesome sauce @Hogmaster


WooooHoooooo!! :green_heart: :seedling:


Remo top nectar bottom


is one darker green?


@bryan no one is just reaching