Hogs white widow autos side by side nectar vs Remo


Got a good mixer lol me


I cant wait to get mine
Should hsve them soon


Lol no worries buddy I won’t be doing Nectar anytime soon I prefer to buy nutes local support local stores which are usually good to me :wink: can’t get Nectar in Canada yet much like hydro guard neem oil etc… also nearing end of my work season so if I haven’t picked up products yet will be put off until my income increases again in Spring


The choices will be chronic widow white widow super skunk pineapple strawberry blueberry OG Kush afghan Bubblegum big bud jack herer gold leaf Northern lights super silver haze northern lights Sour diesel in Trainwreck when it gets here


Yummy salad :green_salad:


Yeah unfortunately I don’t have any stores like that with them over 100 miles of me I go directly to the source


That’s should be all the flavors I have from Ilgm :innocent:


I have about 5 stores within 15min drive AN and Remo both have HQ in Canada though oddly cheaper for you to buy in the states than me lmao


Nectar of the gods has, so far, been very good for what we have growing right now…autos and photo plants.


Me too my og loves it


@Hogmaster… interesting reading… and good to know. Even though this is my second grow I’ve already experienced amnesia haze, big bud, chocolade photos & white widow and super skunk autos. Now waiting for bubble gum fem seeds to arrive. Since it’s only my 2nd grow I’m still using fox farm trio (have a lot) and getting use to doing full strength nutes…I took your advice started slow and built up to full strength. I’m taking a white widow auto later today, has a lot of white trichomes but no amber… do autos turn amber? Because I based this grow on autos only taking 2 months, I’m running outta room, my fault, should’ve checked the info… :+1::grimacing: it’s all good, on my way to a perpetual grow!!


No, just started remo 3 week back. Plants now 5 weeks


Some Turn Amber some take a while on the autos they can change overnight you just have to check them daily. But my goal has always been to at least get all milky


@Hogmaster… it’s weird cause they were milkier 3 days ago, maybe cause I cut some branches from the bottom… I was waiting for the top to get amber or more trichomes. They do have milky trichomes but wanted amber, I was planning to take it anyway. I have 3 more… 2 wwa and 1 ssa… maybe I’ll get another chance to get some amber germinated 9/8 so I’ll wait as long as I can but I am still running outta room cause of all the seedlings and amnesia haze to be transplanted… :joy::joy::joy: my husband will freak out if I get another tent :joy: buuuutttt maybe small seedling tent, idk never seen one. I already cut and hung the first wwa without a pic but will get weight when it dries I already tried it and it’s great… later took a much needed hour nap, I never can do that so it felt great!


@bryan… wow those look great… that Remo must be premo :joy: :+1: I’ll have to try that early next year!


@Countryboyjvd1971 First feeding

@Nug-bug 3-1/2 weeks old


@Hogmaster… lookin real nice… I’m transplanting today also, if I have room… becoming a problem. What strain again?


@Hogmaster im just waiting on mine now
Email was sent and tracking number provided
Woohoo going to start mine just after Xmas tho until then things are up in the air and still need to finish up my current grow
@bryan your plants look great bro
Is this tour firstvtime using the remo line :+1:


Just started using nectar with my crystal. Last time used gh & its a good brand. Would love to follow.


them gals have a awesome start already,they’re purdy @Hogmaster
i’ll be tuning in for sure,this is right up my alley! lol