Hogs white widow autos side by side nectar vs Remo


I have two white widow’s both in pro mix both and smart pots one will be fed with nectar of the gods the other will be fed with Remo nutrients time for the fun to begin the White widows are both about a week and a half old already in there home @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @garrigan65 @Donaldj @Dumme @BrayneGro @latewood @70sChick @Buck3 @bonnie1 and everyone else

What’s wrong with my plant?

I am really interested to see what you do with the Remo. I have Remo line in 27 gal res with 1 Chocolope and 1 Amnesia Haze. Began Bloom Cycle 3 weeks ago on them when they were 14 days old. Just now starting pre-flower. If they grow potent plant, I will be hooked. Remo is the simplest to use that I have tried so far. All 6 ingredients are added in identical amounts; at recommendd full strength, I end up with ppm at 1000.


Love Remo. Watch his videos all the time. The man knows how to grow some monsters.


I’m a 100% believer in full strength nutrients I always give the analogy of if your hungry and someone gives you one cracker you’re going to be pissed because you want the whole pack I see it the same way for our plants they want to eat too and why feed them a quarter when They want it all haha :wink:


Autos not clones? Hmmm


I’ve pulled over 3 ounces off auto dry let’s see what we can do it with nectar of the gods and Remo I was pulling 3 ounces off with flower power and GH so let’s find out


Getting there first feeding tonight when I get off work haha See if I can get some pictures for everyone at what they are looking like now


How long do ya veg? The plants, that is.


@bryan I normally veg for two months but these are autos so they usually only veg for three weeks give or take I have no light cycle that has to be changed I’m running them A 12/12 start to finish ! my fem plants 4-8 weeks of veg sometimes longer under 16-8 is what I start them 1st month then 14-10 the second then 12-12 when I’m ready to flower


The next test will be a fruity pack and a train wreck


@70sChick how are you this fine day


Sounds like a plan to me…:heart::sunglasses::v: watching now


It’s going to be a fun time hehe


I also believe in full streaght feeding not half streaght in my griw room hahaha @Hogmaster
Im just waiting to start a grow with them also


When you get yours will have to do them together my friend


Should be interesting in all my pissing around since last year have gone back to GH nutes due to frustration with results of AN and Green Planet but Remo is comparable in price to GH and may be worth a go? Yet to give Flower power a test run but also have seeds on the way too Loving my CR strain think it would kick arse in hydro smells like BB


@bryan have you had a harvest using Remo ?


@Donaldj You got me thinking I will do a 4 way test I will let everyone pic the strain and do a flower power vs Remo vs Gh vs nectar But it will have to wait till the first of the year


I’ve had some of my best results with Gh


That’s ambitious @Hogmaster
Toull be mixing stuff up on a regular lol
Hahaha now you got him working @Donaldj