Hogs skywalker og grow


Fem and looking happy


I’m starting panic mode for room lol


Sweet @Hogmaster
Looking happy and healthy
Hahaha panic mode


Yeah I make stuff fun hope I get that light :bulb: we will see I guess


Hahahahaha your funny


I try but we will see I guess


i got a 4by4 you can use @Hogmaster lol


So do I just have to set it up lol should be good got 800 sq foot of basement and Enough panda plastic to do the entire basement but I’m moving so I don’t wanna do all that but thanks @BIGE lol


And today

big fan leafs


Looking sweet my friend


Very nice :seedling: :sunglasses:


There staying the same size I like what I see so far they are in flower very happy plants


How old now brother?


Lookin good hog


Look’in good my man!!!



One month old today


Dude they seem to like being together
Cant wait ti see them flower


Looking like they will be quite full. Gonna be a great harvest. :sunglasses:


HaHa , just find it I think @Countryboyjvd1971, @Hogmaster 2 plants in 1 pot…,

Way the go Hog, they look super healthy my friend :grinning::wink::+1::ok_hand:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Yeah this is it brother
@Hogmaster is trying this firbthe first time and now that im seeing his girls and I remember your well i think im going to try it out as well maybe fir my next grow i do have a few photos that need to be transplanted tho so i could try it this grow as well i guess
Any suggestions @Niala on using different strains in same pot or any thing else that you could add would be appreciated as always