Hogs skywalker og grow


Note the RH and temp intentionally being abusive will say they ILGM has some hardy genes usually takes my seeds longer to get foothold :slight_smile:


I started 5 seeds in a paper towel on the 11th I had 3 sprout, I transplanted to a pint cardboard pot, it looks like out of the 5 all that sprouted was 3 they are white widow auto the seeds look very small, dont look healthy at all


I just fold a paper towel 3 times soak it with water out of kitchen sink (PH 6.0) I usually start 5 seeds takes about 2 or 3 days to sprout then I take a pair of small pliers and pick them up and place them into a pint pot about 1/4 inch deep, spray them good and wet and usually in about 2 to 3 days they are up and going. Hope this helps


I don’t even germ mine lmao I use shot glass method RO or distilled water no PH adjusting doing a poll on my thread as to which medium to start next bean in


I’ve had some small seeds the did not look healthy and they were some of my biggest plants just keep them if they don’t germinate


Here we go all


they are coming up out of the hole quickly @Hogmaster!!
very nice!


This is will be a good grow to watch :wink:
What is the reason for putting them in the same pot?


Hey hog I was wondering which rosin press this that you purchased. The mv1 or mv2 and do you have any hookups on coupon codes by any chance?


@BrayneGro I have the MV1 just go to there web site and send a msg and they will give you a discount even buying on e bay is still buying Directly from them


To see if The plants will communicate with each other through the roots I’m just trying something a little different


This is a good experiment to see :+1:. Let’s hope we will be able to see if them are communicating somehow :pray:
I’m also curious about the thing whit music. Some people said that is good for plants.


All my plants love metal music haha :joy:


when my girls and i listen to metalicca, so do the folks three houses down!!


so they have good taste :slight_smile:


and another press one in one out


looks great @Hogmaster


Looking good @Hogmaster


What can i say. You have a gift to grow. Ive never seen anything but beautiful from you & in my stoned state have gone way back seeing pics of your girls.


Woohoo brother look at them girls go
Nice job buddy :+1: