Hogs skywalker og grow


I have to be like 3-4 days behind you guys


Ive asked for seeds for several years from santa. So far got bird seed, tom seeds, so make sure you specify.


Looking good brother woohoo
Ill be cracking open soon new beans soon as well took my gl diwn last night


5 days old and decided to do 2 in a 15 gallon pot


Nice experiment… How everything will e ok…


Get those water droplets off the leaves when under lights lol :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v:️CB
Talk later bro


No no no no no lol


I’m watching this all the way through. :sunglasses:


me toooooo lol


Thanks everyone should be fun


@Hogmaster what’s the key to making them germinate good ? I had drop 4 ilgm skywalker and they all died . It was in a humidity dome and sprayed with distilled water and they all died ( tent temps were a good 80f) and I know ilgm won’t send any replacement seeds since they all germinated but never showed it’s first true leaves . Please help


How tall did they get where they bent over when they died? @Terra-cotta


@Countryboyjvd1971 they didn’t even break out the shell . Only taproot grew out then Cease to exist s day after


Hummmm was soil soaking wet ? Thats the only thing i can think of @Terra-cotta
Your temps and all seem good
Let me tag one other guy here
@Donaldj any thights to why the seed would crack Have a tap and then just die ?


All I do is soak them in mineral water for 24 hours then plant in SOLO cups with the medium of choice. 5-6 days later I have sprouts! I don’t use a humidity dome but just a single light bulb (led) and wal 'la plants!! 11 weeks later they are flourishing and 18" tall.



we would have to dissect @Terra-cotta how you started from water used medium and lights


I will be starting some seeds in rockwool on thread I linked starting tonight but I could do 1 rockwool and one the medium you are planning?


Here they are 11 weeks into veg.

GillyWEED 999 003


Working on roots they are


I’ve caught up