Hogs skywalker og grow


Just cracked 2 skywalker in under 18 hrs there now in promix bx will post pics soon !!! boy are they fresh can’t wait to share this awesome experience @70sChick @Buck3 @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Donaldj @BIGE @bonnie1 @APmeds @BrayneGro @Laurap


Awesome that you can start so soon! @Hogmaster


I couldn’t help myself can’t believe in under 38 hours I can see the seed popping out of the dirt so happy :wink:



I’m watching and tag me along for the ride


Wow that was quick germination! What is the grow medium? @Hogmaster


I can hope right? Have had my Super Skunk in pods since yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: maybe after I tell them they are dragging arse??


Im following! Cant wait to see what theyll do


I’ll be following along also! I considered these beans…


Oh that’s freakin awesome @Hogmaster
This is gping to be very interesting… Can’t wait for pix!
You know what they say @Hogmaster
Pictures or it didn’t happen! Baahaaa…


woohoo @Hogmaster
I need to order some of the sw


Paper towel then in promix bx add Perlite


post a pic. in about 2 weeks


Mine cracked but haven’t quite breached surface yet only know because surface shape changed suspect tomorrow will see stirrings


in theory that should work just fine! lol


Set to watching . I just dropped two skywalker a and the tails showed in about 24 hours . Hopefully mines breaks out in record speed like yours @Hogmaster


Here we go took this morning


All outta :heart:s still. Looks awesome!


man,i’m seriously jelly of everyone and these new strains!
santa might have to bring @BIGE some of ilgm’s blackberry kush!


Hope mine look that nice tomorrow but tonight they were still working their way out of shells :slight_smile: I told them to hurry up again hopefully they listen