Hogmasters White widow auto fem experiment


I just ordered 10 white widow auto seeds my question is after I get them planted I planed on using a solo cup to start them and then transplant into pots is it better to have them in a bigger pot ? I currently have as some of you know Super skunk fem in flower these will be my first autos my question is are will it be better to have them in a bigger pot or does that even matter I have 3 & 5 gallon smart pots any feedback would be outstanding Thanks


Autos grow and finish fast so a lot of people use 3, including myself but there’s never anything bad about using a 5


@Paranorman awesome can’t wait to get them I just ordered another carbon filter fan set up for my other tent so I won’t have to worry about running out of meds thanks for the fast response


Do you think you would get more yield out of the plant with a bigger pot?


Yes , and I"ll tell you why, I"ve seen people do some Amazing grows with these plants, just Huge , but… they Really knew what they were doing, I myself Don’t so I just let em grow, my roots weren’t all that big so I would say a 3 gal.should suffice.
I"ll watch this grow, very interested.!!


I will do 2 in 3 gallon and 2 in 5 gallon and see what I come up with will keep it up to date the day I get them in



Before you start your seeds you need to know the size of your grow room.
They say each plant needs one square ft. But I say three square ft. This gives the plant plenty of room to grow and breathe.
Plus not to mention you have to get in there to water and trim ect.
So …how big is your grow room ?

Once you get them started in your cups I would let them get 4 or 5 true sets of leaves then transplant into the pot that they will finish in. The less transplanting the better for you but even better for the plant.

Keep us posted. OK



@garrigan62 I have a 4’ x 2’ x 60" tent I also have a 2’ x 2’ x 4’ tent but I plan on having stuff drying in it but I can wait for my stuff to dry if I have to thanks Will … hog


I’d say that was an excellent idea. I would certainly be interested to know your results. Please keep us posted so we can learn with you! Thanks


Definitely will do @Tarzan I’m excited to see what happens myself


@garrigan62 I have a tent that is 4’ x 2’ x 60" tall and I also have a 2’ x 2’ x 4’ tent that I use to dry or at least I plan on using to dry do you think I will need both of them for four plants thanks


No mate. The big one will do 4 autos


Cool I was going to do 2 in a 3gallon and 2 in a 5gallon thanks @number1fan appreciate it


@Hogmaster that is an ideal idea. See the difference at end of grow. Id love to see the difference bettween the two sized pots at end result.


@number1fan I will be sure to let everyone see I will start a new forum called (hogs 3gallon-5gallon autofem white widow )


I moved this topic to Sprout, Grow and Transplant :slight_smile:


Just a couple of thoughts on the subject ,ive used many years ago .in 1.5gallon -2gal -5gal 1.5gal is to little for large plants but i noticed they seemed to make larger colas and short side branching , 5 gallon was good but i never really had any root binding and i noticed it was easier to over water . 3 gall produced the best results for me and when finished had moderate root binding .I Believe when a plant gets root bound near the end it force’s it to finish a little faster . this was using PC emitters on a timer and using Promix BX with peters orchid (for grow ) And African violet (For bloom ). Hammer


I use the smart pots so hopefully that should fix the root bound problem would you think thanks. @hammer


The experiment starts today I will be doing two white widow autos one in a 3 gallon smart pot one in a 5 gallon smart pot started them With mikros distilled water in the paper towel in a Ziploc bag they sprouted today after 36 hours each currently in a solo cup as soon as they start to go I will take a picture and keep everyone up-to-date on what I do Day to day or every other day I will be using Foxfarm Ocean soil sprinkled some mikros in about a pencil lead sized hole seeds are in and ready to go I hope you all enjoy my first journal


I agree with @number1fan the big tent will be fine
The one in the in the 5 gal smart pots wlll do much better. The resaon…more air and more room for the roots to expand.