Hogmaster grows Gelato & Fire O.G


The more room they have the stretch up and out the better that’s why I don’t like growing in a tent because it limits you regardless but yeah


Hard to acheive darkness without tent …i would know


2nd week of preflower


As my boss says, standing on g and waiting on o haha. Nice looking plants!


Im loving the gelato. Nice smooth tasty. I dont know if you will experience the same but so far 2 gelatos flowered out and ones buds had a tint of purple and the other was purple buds


They are looking good Hogmaster. I’m about 2 weeks ahead of you on my Gelato grow.


So you have harvested? I’m 27 days into flower. Very frosty already. Buds aren’t as far ahead as the other strains I’m currently growing. Can you give me an opinion on the final product?


those are really looking good @Hogmaster


I like it. Nice heady high. Mellow body buzz. Cant say anything about uphoria or creativity but it doesnt make me tired and cant quiet recall the taste but its pretty sweet. I enjoy it and im keeping it in my room


mine are still growing


They are lookong mighty fine too. I forget what nutrients you useing again


Remo Nutrients


Thanks for the update my friend. I was following your Gelato grow and was wondering about the end result.


Finally got to try some quality grown fire og …:100::fire:


Yea i lack on this side. Hell i went over a month without getting on. Now i have 4 gelato going