Hogmaster grows Gelato & Fire O.G


Mine are still in veg just need to update sorry been busy


there in the flower room


Those are some dense bushes you have. They look great.


Yup, them are some bushy bushes!! Looking good!


Big wide leaves on those . Looking good @Hogmaster .


little update first week is Monday


The Fire og and gelato is going great


And they are looking great ! Nice bushy plants .


Hey brother, how far along are you on the Gelato. I’m 2 weeks into bloom. Mine look similar to yours. Very dense and wide leaves. I was wondering if anyone has harvested Gelato by ILGM yet.


Mine got put in the flower room last week so Monday will be a week


@Hogmaster You have some outstanding girls


I have 3 Gelato’s goin. In the pic 2 in the front and one in the back at 12 o’clock. As I said earlier I was wondering if anyone knows if anyone has harvested the Gelato yet. The genetics are strong. Have been the best runners so far. I think I should have defoliated more and more often in hindsight on the Gelato. They were so dense and full. I fimmed, topped, LST and SC but the colas are still less than my others like 3 to 1 per plant. Could just be the strain or maybe I should have opened them up earlier.


Not yet the seeds have been out about long enough to where they would be close to harvest ILGM stain any how


Thanks for the update. I guess we’ll probably be some of the first to taste.


There’s a few more people who got them started before I did I had mine pretty cold temperatures during veg so they took a little longer but yeah I can’t wait same with my fire OG I’ve heard a lot of really good stuff @Maximus50


here are the 4 girls


Magnifcio my friend !!!


I know you got the light mover and all but i got to ask …y so far apart couldnt you condense amd keep light on more plants more often i think your cold enough fungi cant even grow well want to grow atleast… im just asking brother the last plant in the row seems ro be a bit strechyier as it seems it gegs the least amount of light and is the furthest extreme of the lights move so at some points its gitting very little if any …do you have stall a little on the ends to compensate for the opposite end being far i thought it was a square parten its linear… had no idea cool to know i was in a garage door store the ither day i took a brochure on account of your grow got me interested in light moving


I had 20 in there but I don’t want them to touch at all that’s why there set up that way I’m not using the hole 8 foot rail right now


Ahh gotcha … no cramming in your growing for sure … u must have learned the lesson the hard way like i did.