Hogmaster grows Gelato & Fire O.G


What did you use for root builder?


Yea they have a pretty big container to fill out. However last night i noticed my decon trap is half eaten. So that explains the super slow one (gelato) sence i got to looking last night and both feeder leaves and half of the 1 fingered leaves. Shes still green and hopefully has enough roots for nute uptake without hurting her to bad. I may drop another just for ins



Looking good. She’ll catch up. :wink:


Is that one of those 40 something watt CFLs?


@fano_man 100 watt cfl got at Home Depot


Could never find bigger then 42 watt at off brand stores… Local home depot only got 23s I’m sure I can probally order it



a little added fall colors for garnish…lol


@Hogmaster how the girls doing man?


Cold temps they are growing slow bringing them in soon and let them veg and get bigger and bitchen sorry it’s been a while and some super silver


They look good . I especially like that Super Silver . Maybe Santa will bring me some SS seeds . I have been good ! …Well sort of .


Why so cold, or how cold I sould ask,


They still look good bro. Especially that SSH


They have been down in the 30s I’m Experimenting just seeing what I can do going way colder than I should and it definitely affects your yield but it’s a lot of fun


I’ve been playing with cold temps too. Lows around 20-30f and highs only about 45f. Only natural light. This plant has been flowering since august. The cold has def slowed it down to nothing. But, Low light, low temps, and infrequent watering hasn’t killed it.


It stalls but they sure look pretty


Gorgeous. What strain is that


Skywalker OG


Absolutely beautiful.
I’m getting close to wrapping up an ilgm Skywalker OG myself but it’s indoors and I can’t get the temperature at night very low. So my Skywalker looks more “traditional”.
I did some LST with mine and she absolutely took off. It’s my first time growing the strain and I am more than pleased with it. I can’t wait to smoke it for the first time. Congrats on your grow experiment(?). That girl is beautiful. Enjoy and have a nice morning.