Hogmaster grows Gelato & Fire O.G


@Big123 here are a few I just put in


Simple is always good. Can’t wait to see them break through the dirt and watch them grow nice and pretty :wink:


Getting here a little late, but wouldn’t miss it. Best of luck with these!


that’s my MO,keep it simple as possible…


Great minds think alike this is same fixture with hood removed for multiple splitters I need to fashion a reflector for it


Got one out of soil

Gelato the first out


@Big123 here’s another


She’s looking strong…


Look at her grow😉


Looking lively … nice


I’m a newbie but I’m really hoping to grow gelato next round, I have the seeds but I hear it’s a toughy to grow, why so?


had a seed stick to the top I damaged so had to start another here is 7 days later I messed up a Fire O.G.


Bummer. The other 3 look great.


Yeah I was trying to get the shell off well I did unfortunately got the hole thing


Oh @Cheftodd420 I see you already found it lol

@Hogmaster one of mine was stuck. I was terrified that was going to happen but it came right off with a little help. Sucks to start over on something that simple but I’m assuming it happens from time to time.


@Cheftodd420 can’t answer that I’ve never grown it


Yeah it was all me I got impatient


Hahah my wife accuses me of that daily lol.


I tell you what they sure are taking their time starting. I presume mine will take off any day now but only starting 3rd nodes now.


I have a lot of root builder in there they will take off soon giving baby Fire O.G. time to catch up