Hogmaster grows Gelato & Fire O.G


Getting ready to start 2 Gelato and 2 Fire O.G. promix using gh 3 part on 2 and Remo on 2 using 7gallon fabric pots starting with a 300w 296 from wall led to start and my 630 lec when I harvest everything else


I just started a California Dream seed a couple weeks ago. With the colder weather I should be good to use my 315w cmh. Vegging under a 55w 5500k cfls right now. Best of luck to you on this one


leds seem to work really well normally I just use 100 W CFL


@Hogmaster set to watching! Proceed with that FIRE!


I’ll be watching! Can’t wait to see this gelato.


Set to watching :eyes:
Been dying to see the new gelato strain in a grow!


more like ‘‘growmaster’’ lol


I want to see that gelato grow as well. Will definitely be following along.


Right on @Hogmaster i just dropped 2 gilato and 1 gold leaf into h20 around 2pm this afternoon. Will be in coco 3 gal pots and 725 w of qb power in flower

Edit. Im glad you are starting at same time for comparison grow. Do you use AN sensi grow and bloom


I’m in. Always willing to watch a pro. Plenty to learn here.


I’m watching. I have lots to learn. Excited to be here.


Yup watching and learning. That Gelato intrigues me :eyes::eyes:


I wish @BIGE


We will have to pass notes when we get them rolling :wink:


Me too that’s why I had to buy some And give them a go the Fire O.G. had to be done as well


Gelato was :fire::fire::fire:
Fire og was ooh k but Gelato got my attention


Yup … I’m set to watching also . Good luck !


So here we go with the soak


Wohoo let the fun begin


Let them soak 48 hrs and decide to go with a smaller light till they pop

that’s all I use folks the kiss method ( keep it simple stupid ) lol just how I roll :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: