Hogmaster gold leaf time


How olds your lonely gold leaf


3-1/2 weeks she be from a 18 hr soak & crack


Ok I just made 4 weeks from seed on mine. Was doing a comparison of and fan leaves size to yours and was wondering if I’m heading in the right direction. I topped mine on week three after the 6th set of fan leaves sprouted. Do you know by chance how tall she is and Halle many sets of fan leaves she has


I just fimed mine 2days ago around 8in tall now


Sorry been working here she be around 4weeks under 1 - 300 watt meizhi led 7 gallon smart pot promix bx

gold leaf @BrayneGro


Looking good @Hogmaster


Lookin good man. I’ve been wanting to give that goldleaf a run myself.


So what lights do you all recommend now then as I’m running 600w hps but could be shopping soon for my veg room, so looking for your experienced recommendations


There are so many depending on how much you want to spen go led etc.


My happy girl


She is in flower and got trimmed


She looks a little ruff Probably because she never had any lights in any of these areas until I cut the fan leaves off I’ll post a new picture this evening with my light to kick on tonight


Forgot 2


Now she is happy

Amazing what two days will do


Beautiful Girl!


She be happy :laughing: haha love it


Beauty Queen! @Hogmaster


Thanks so much I’m proud of her she will be alone for 10 days got my watering system set up to a nice slow drip :droplet:


Hopefully she’ll behave herself, You know how teenagers are…


Not to worried that’s when bad stuff happens I’ve been testing the last 2 weeks she just won’t be feed but it’s ok