Hogmaster gold leaf time


actual draw is around 345w at start up


They are pretty hahaha @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971


Nice i hope my kohser kush will look as good as that nice


A new pic in true light


Yummy :yum: yummy :yum: yummy :yum:


Wiping drool off my phone! Awesome! :heart::v::seedling::sunglasses:


Thank You she is my only flowering girl at the moment


3 days of growth


Absolutely Fantabulous @Hogmaster
Which Nectar For the Gods tea are you using?


They look great @Hogmaster


@bob31 there is actually a hog father on here too lol


@70sChick It came in my sample pack by cultured it was In my notg pack


I thought I pulled you out of the list and got the wrong one… ooops. hahaha @Hogmaster


Thanks @Hogmaster my sample box didn’t have a tea… I’m wondering if I can still add this. You know how we like to push things.


Here are some pictures of the og


Some how or another I lost this thread finally got caught up, ya girls are looking great man. You’re still using flower power?
Catch ya later


@Nug-bug hes using nectar for the gods on these
He also started another thread where he using Remo nutrients
I believe hes going to do side by side x4 on that thread
Ill let him tag you to it lol
Happy growing nug


Yes please do tag me @Hogmaster and thanks for the info @Countryboyjvd1971


No worries i lnow hogmaster worked last night @Nug-bug


Looks amazing! @Hogmaster