Hogmaster gold leaf time


I am highly considering checking into those lights he uses though


lol that’s how my grow spaces look with lights on :wink: flower veg don’t matter 1 spectrum no yellow blue or purple


What model you running thanks @Donaldj make me spend more money haha my wife will love you for this lol


I’m looking into them as well
@Donaldj is a trouble maker lol
Making use spend more $$ lol


Well at least it’s not just me this time


I’m still telling my wife is your fault @Hogmaster
No sense get @Donaldj in trouble with her haha
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: hog


I’m ordering a light slide also so I just as well try a new light @Countryboyjvd1971 right back at you am leaving @Donaldj out of it now haha all love my friends hehehe


You stink lol
Now I need a slide track too haha


In all honesty tho he sent me info yesterday on the lec lights after reading the article I’m leaning more towards buying them then not @Hogmaster


Lmao just bought new mover yesterday and the lights I use are LEC’s


Hey can you send him that article you sent me @Donaldj
It was a good one and I can’t sewm to find it now :+1:
Thanks buddy


done I have 3 different Ballasts the biggest factor is the bulbs Philips still has best ones for them full spectrum highest Par and UV


Ok I’ll need to research that as well @Donaldj thanks agian brother


No prob I love them only way I would go LED is cobs and yet to see a cob system I would like for less than 800 I still believe in true watts being key


I’ve have more light then I like to admit lol trying to get my true watts up
So there’s really no saving lol
If you drawing 800waatts your drawing 800 watts
So leds don’t save much in my grow room that’s for sure
I’ve have good results but I’m looking for better and u think this may be the answer @Donaldj


I would love to see what the 630w LEC’s do but what I can say is my results are comparable with a 600w HID and better than 400W so I see the savings not as many people own or use them so don’t get broad pool of tips on them but LED’s were the same in their early days. Still refining perfect distance and foot print for them but you guys know me always tweaking things in my spaces so hard to track which change gave me results lmao


@Donaldj it took a year but you finally convinced me HahHa :+1:


The 630 get most often compared 1000w HID I miss my high watt days all the time the most often comment I hear on them is how green plants stay during flower unlike HPS mostly due to the fuller spectrum range


I’ve had great luck with these cheap meizhi leds The only LEDs I have Everseen to bleach a bud Mine actually Paul a little more than what they say in the ratings by 300 W or right at a little over 210 actual


Thanks @Donaldj now @Countryboyjvd1971 and I are shopping lol