Hogmaster gold leaf time


All good wait fir them to take her down now my friend


Well your family is in my thoughts and prayers buddy


Much appreciated my brother
:+1:John :v:


Did you ever jump down there ass about your order? For your globes


Yeah and I got the big FU lol
The refunded the money and my wife complained directly to Amazon since it was a third party provider
I’ll need to see if anything happened with that
I found a nice one I’m planning on buying on dank stop tho bro @Hogmaster


amnesia haze is done mmm mmm good


Dude :open_mouth:
Yummy :yum:


I want to print this out and smoke it! This looks that good. I think just the picture should have half the potency that thing does! @Hogmaster


If only it work like that @Covertgrower
The time we all could save hahaha


sweet, I hope mine looks that good! WOW! @Hogmaster


It’s some of the best smoke it presses great

dryed and press


Love the color @Hogmaster


You stink @Hogmaster hahaha
Nice job on the pressing


Am new to this what is that a picture of some kind of resin i guess.


Rosin you can press buds or hash to make


Woohoo press pictures @Hogmaster

This is the one I use @Mikos
Here’s some of the rosin I press

I use kief mostly as well


Here we go finally a update on my og


Woohoo looking great bro
Even under the burple light hahahaa
Just joking bro
Looking great :+1:


Thanks @Donaldj Now he has me all self-conscious about my lights LOL not really I like blurpuple lights


I know you do I was just poking fun at you bro
You know how I do