Hogmaster gold leaf time


35 days old I believe on my Amnesia haze auto that’s in the photo


Im doing alright moved over the last week had to harvest the trainwreck but still have my purple haze. Been busy with work and getting things situated.

Your flowering plants look fantastic man


@Majiktoker Right at a month with promix And nectar of the gods nutrient line They’re huge it’s like double what it should be right now which is not a bad thing


Nice job man that’s a great thing. I haven’t tried them however with what Ive seen following your grow it seems to be a good nutrient line


Free sample Came with like six two pint jugs a pH up another jug of something and some tea just had to pay shipping 28 bucks 6-8 plants easy And it’s 100% organic


@Majiktoker Just out of curiosity have you ever taken to autos and put them in a 10 gallon or 7 gallon pot and let them go together


I have not if putting them in the same pot even being autos if go for 15 gal minimal so they have sufficient room for roots


I’m going to do something evil with some autos litte mad Science wahaaaaaaaa bad evil laugh


Sweet id be happy to follow along


@Hogmaster… 35 days in flower right? Growing autos for first time, don’t know anything about them… 1 month veg and 2 months flower right? Have 3 white widows, 1 super skunk, don’t know what to expect, any tips?


They’re going to grow however they want there’s not a veg time they grow how they want I’ve done 18/6 14/10 and 12/12 they will go start to finish any light cycle I like 14/10 for my autos


@Hogmaster… I thought you can leave lights on, do you recommend? So how long approximately do they grow? I’ve been given minimal info., can’t find anything either so far none of my girls are on light schedule cause was told could leave lights on for autos and getting ready to change lights for photos to 18/6…?


You can leave them on I don’t recommend because I think everyone should get some sleep are plants too but the auto flower do everything when there ready all you need to do is feed and water and some light


The Frostie one is the amnesia Haze the big girl is OG Kush


Awesome sauce! :sunglasses:


The og would have looked better if I Would not have drop my light on it went down to far too fast


Oh Man, I hate when I do that


I got to high and was playing happens more often then I would like to admit lol @70sChick


oh @Hogmaster
You are preaching to the Choir! Baahaaa…


I blame at 100% on my dab rig