Hogmaster gold leaf time


Nice bro they look good


really you call that a bud
Looking great buddy :+1:
Last pic didn’t load


Wasn’t nothing special I need to clean them up a little


I still can’t believe there only about a month old time for there 2nd feeding Nectar of the gods


Is that 2X4 welded wire fencing, please?


@SmoknGranny yeah it is had a roll in the garage and used 1x1x4 deck rails


Hahaha you haven’t seen anything yet @Hogmaster lol your going to be blown away with the nectar :+1:
@SmoknGranny yes that’s exactly what he’s using
I use the same fir my screen :+1:
Good eye SG lol so don’t go starting any trouble on this thread now lol :rofl:
Happy growing peeps


I beat you haha And yes I’m still awake


He’ll yeah buddy it’s some good stuff lol
I’m loving it


Thanks. I have a roll myself. Now I just have to figure out how to change the blade on my chopsaw :blush::thinking:


It clips easy by hand as well


Im with @Hogmaster @SmoknGranny a decent pair of wire snips ( cutting pliers)
is all it takes To cut that stuff


I will try that :blush:. Thanks. Arthritis in my hands and fingers has led me to look at alternative methods for getting some chores done that used to be soooo easy :older_woman:


Here’s the amnesia haze I unscroged the og needed the room for more will get some pics of her too


@Hogmaster…daaaammmnn you da Hogmaster you got it all :joy: I love it!!! Wish I had the right hooks to move lights around like that, none of the hooks fit the tent poles very nice :+1:


@bonnie1 how are you doing nice to see you around


Looking good bro its good to see you around how are you


Yeah that’s why decided to go with the panda plastic that way I have my 2 x 12 And I put a bunch of these everywhere in the wood to move the lights around


Doing great how about you buddy


@Hogmaster… I’m great!! Got 7 girls this time, one amnesia haze just popped up, love… your trichomes are looking delicious :yum: I’m impressed