Hogmaster gold leaf time


She is nice @Hogmaster, how about an update buddy :heart_eyes::+1::ok_hand::wink:


@Niala I’m out of town but as soon as I get back I’m on it


How do you do the light angling? Just connect one side to hangers?


If you take small cable ties through the eyelets on the light housing you can then take one of your hanging cables and connect through ties on each end then you can attach too the last two hangers hanging from tent to each end and then you can adjust the pitch or angle of light


You got it


just got my platinum pack @Hogmaster. Im pretty excited to get started on a run of all 3.


Awesome man so happy for you can’t wait to see what you think the gold leaf is awesome stuff


She was Getting tired of just having water to drink back on her nutrients she goes and I got a new toy now I have two


@BrayneGro hey dude
I listen to pod cast and heard also Hogmaster and i have spoken about you getting a mv2 press
I have the pv1 and might order a pv2
So if you have any questions just hit me up brother
We haven’t spoken before to my knowledge so figured id hit you up here in hogs thread
And way peace brother :v:️CB


Finally a update when I was out of town and my ph was way off 8.5 so they had a little issue but recovering nicely


partyWooHoo!!! pictures update :grinning: lol :wink:

Nice buddy :heart_eyes::+1::ok_hand:


Here we go sorry for the delay


This is what happens if you don’t ph your water :sweat_drops: !!! Was out of town kept watered for 8 days with watering carrots



How much longer Hog? @Hogmaster


Week or 3 Still a lot of clear


I love my gold leaf. I just had a bit after lunch. I love how smooth it is. Almost inclined to smoke more when I do… but no need to! Great Smoke! @Hogmaster


I can’t wait to harvest mine… well, I can… I mean I will. Heh. 48 days since I flipped… probably end of February harvest time frame. Good thing I still have an ounce or so of Crystal on hand… I’m going to have to ration in March.


1/2 milky


Im heading your way it should be ready bu the time i get there hahahahhaa
Woohoo :raised_hands: bro