Hogmaster gold leaf time


amnesia haze auto and og kush got me a new room built woohoo will get photos up soon leds currently all meizhi 3-300 watt and 1-600 watt and in a few days 2-480s


going to do a 4 x 4 double Scrog 4 foot tall fence still in the process of building and finishing the room but only being 2-1/2 weeks old there pretty happy and my role of fence still need to cut


@Wishingilivedina420state @bob31 @Covertgrower @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @bonnie1 @garrigan65 @latewood I know there are more I will tag if interested @FloridaSon


I think this is the fewest plants I’ve ever had going they look so lonely in the 6 x 10 room. Not bad for pro mix and flower power 2 and a half weeks they are very very happy waiting for my northern lights auto’s to get here



Got my new hoodie woohoo I love it



it’s all coming together got 2 so I can double my screen height or width depending on how the training goes


Had to test new lights have over 20 hooks in The ceiling so I can move them accordingly I just hung them up and take a picture the girl are getting big there going to have more company soon


I love the side lighting. I’ve been looking into it for awhile, Probably helps. Nicely done though @Hogmaster


Thanks been doing it since I started growing indoor excellent results


Wooohaaa… :eyes::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … You have what, 6-7 lights in there @Hogmaster

Is they all are Meizhi led, buddy ! ?


@Niala Yes they are 3-300 2-450s and a 600 w I have right about $500 wrapped up in lights be more if I had to buy them now I have had really good luck with them and the tents just wasn’t cutting it I can do 6 comfortable love the panda plastic I have 2 cobs but I don’t use them yet


Finally a update

Amnesia haze auto og srog Will be moving the auto from underneath there in the next few days and re-adjust lights


Dude looking great :+1:


Looking phenomenal! Short and squatty means lots of light!


Looking great hog! @Hogmaster


Only running 2 lights 600 & 450


Uploading… [quote=“Hogmaster, post:1, topic:15146, full:true”]
amnesia haze auto and og kush 10 days later


Nice!:v::sunglasses: @Hogmaster


Beautiful @Hogmaster keep up the awesome work!