Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


Mastiff are a very loyal family dog…I have a Neapolitan he’s 150 lbs and is a very good watch dog and family member he generally stays in the house except in the summer he likes to lay out in the sun…very protective at home take him for a walk away from the property and he is friendly…friendly at home if my wife or I introduces you… downfall is slobber you need a towel in every room lol still freaks my wife out but she absolutely loves him…


Hahahaha @WillyJ
Just to be clear i wasnt implying theybate great :+1: dogs and i would love one
Mybwife is not a fan of the larger dog breeds any of them
She loves our but only has them cause of me
Have a great night brother :v:


My wife loves all dogs and I’m glad for that! We have our little 17 lb weaton/carn terrier mix also…feisty little girl


Some are happier then others but all happy :smiley:


outstanding @Hogmaster lol
they’re going to be pushing you out of the grow soon!


Yeah there all getting ready to go in the flower tent going to let my 2-skywalker & 2-shishkaberry in veg room


everyone’s skywalker is doing really well!
glad i snagged 10 up when i did!


After the move


Woohoo looks like
My tents hahah you stealing my pictures and posting them here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::wink:


Can’t wait to get the new light @Donaldj I went with the

also going with the Phillips 3100k bulbs


Thats the same one i picked up so far im
Loving it @Hogmaster


If I continue to have issues with my led hunt may be after same one? only so many places will ship to me


Can i ask why it seems to be a issue with you guy north of the boarder ? Is it a import thing or what DJ and amazon isnt the same yp in Canada??
You have roads lol :joy:???


imports get dinged by customs and many buyer whine to sellers after the dollar conversion and extra taxes. lmao last few orders I made were about 600 at checkout plus an extra 100-140 charge COD for duties some buyers get miffed about the extra bill. Realistically if you order something from the states and don’t expect duty charge than you aren’t too bright :wink: but I am sure after a few customers have sent back orders and refused to pay the extra because it said free shipping sellers go easier not to bother.


Seems silly to me but thats is life i guess


They are actually 2 different entities so yes they have a Canadian amazon but I suffered complications with a gift card which only works for .com not .ca :wink: so have to order from .com
on the light Hogmaster posted my cost would be about 330 after $ conversion and duties and likely would still get charged shipping and nope doesn’t ship to Canada or atleast not to me lmao


Today runt of the group on top

did some fim in purp


Looking great brother


Thank you sir I’m having a lot of fun with the 2-1 pot they Communicate it is the craziest thing haven’t hardly done any trimming


My jar of go to juice

coconut oil 9day cook