Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


Negative I live in Canada so things tend to take time to get to me also has been lots of highway closures and weather advisories which tends to slow things down some


@Donaldj I swear you look like image boomhower he just needs a hat


@BIGE I seen that on your profile and couldn’t help it


@Trippy_kidd @Phillyboy67 @Johnzy81 here is going to be a fun one


lmao I get it but not blonde and rarely shaven :slight_smile:


I was tbink more like


@Donaldj @Hogmaster


Love it 5:30am and already getting razzed you guys must have been messaging my dog who thought 4:30 was time to play??:smile: I need another coffee but think I will put the dog back in the room so she can share her ideas with the misses


Sorey buddy but couldn’t help myself when i saw hogs post
Have a great day buddy
Oh one other thing
Lec full spectrum bulbs
Do i need veg bulbs and flower ?
Im using the 3100 phillips in flower so im good there


All good I don’t mind just not awake enough to be witty yet lmao
I use 3100 whole grow has more than enough blue in it just remember plants will stretch more than LED not that you’ll mind need some stretch to be trained :slight_smile:


I didn’t even peak at my ladies yesterday had an unmarked cop car prowl by my place a few times on Tuesday so have been going over my camera footage. I’d have thought nothing of it but he went by 3 times in less than an hour so figured worth a little scrutiny better safe than sorry :wink: I am in rural area so but close to a favorite speed trap so likely nothing


Sorry bro im at work and they actually wanted me to do stuff :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol
Yeah better safe then sorry brother
I about pooped my self when i started growing indoors and i was walking up to front door caught a wiff of the stinky
I wasn’t running a carbon filter then
I heard a car driving by what caught my attention was it was slowing down
I looked back to see a state trooper parked in front of my house
We made eye contact and i walked inside
Peeked out the window a few minutes later he was on his cell phone hung up and left hahahahaa
Rare to see any police in my neighborhood
That sure got my blood flowing
And thanks fir the info
Thats what i was thinking but figured your my lec expert haha


they should know better!


Cameras are great let me know routines if they were coming wouldn’t just see 1 car but gets the heart rate up none the less and makes a guy go whens last time I replaced my carbon filter? Maybe my stash should be better hidden lmao


@BIGE exactly ive been here for years lol :joy:
They are slow learners
@Donaldj yeah i know I won’t see ine if they are coming they tend to come in early for breakfast lol
Just a omg moment lol i been wanting to get cameras set up
My insurance would even go down so :+1: next on the list of things


I plan to add 4 more and second DVR in future big yard and most are currently watching driveway not shed or side of house that’s why I have dogs :wink: they can be bribed though and cameras are better witnesses


Hahahahaha 10-4 i have dogs as well
Best part my only bark loud enough for me to hear and stop once my attention has been gotten
Someone else would never hear them till they are standing There looking at you
I have two boxers they arent mean at all but raise a hand to my wife or me see what happens lol
Honestly im more afraid of my cats :cat2: lol


I wouldn’t say mine are quiet but they do like to stalk and circle and take ques from each other so if you haven’t paid them all off with the right bribe they would be back on task fast. The one big one I keep inside listens to only me and hates new people stays at my side anytime we have visitors treats or not she won’t be bribed


Thats sweet a loyal dog is a must have imo
Treat them good and they will die for you
My wife hates the fact as soon as im home the dogs are at my side she calls them traitors lol
I want a Rotti next butt wife is not having it lol
So im going to push a bull mastiff and have her settle on a rotti lol
my oldest boxer is not going be to with me much longer sadly


Grew up with German Shepherds, all but one would light anyone outside of the family up at blink of an eye. They were really sharp in that aspect, otherwise they were pretty silly dogs. The friendly one should’ve been a therapy dog. He was about 110 pounds when we had to put him down. But my daughter could walk him at age 4.

My neighbors have a rot, got him about 6 months before my baby was born. He’s an absolute nut bag until the baby is around, and then gentle as can be. If she’s in the stroller he stands next to it and uses his huge head to push away anyone’s hand that reaches for her. Everyone except for my wife anyway. He loses his shit and tries to herd anyone that’s holding her. He pretty much does the same thing to her now that she’s crawling. If she crawls out of eyesight he just glares at us and whines.

My wife is a small dog type, but after seeing the neighbors rot interact with the little one, we’ll be getting one soon too.


Wow :open_mouth: cool yeah ive never had a shepherd my self
My wife did have one when we meet the things back was 4 foot off the ground lol big shepherd
But she was in a small apartment and gave him up
Rotti are extremely loyal family dogs
And do need proper socializing as do all animals
And the size of them deters most normal people from wven thinking about doing something stupid