Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


It’s beautiful out here. Inconvenient sometimes, but well worth it. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!


lol just think that means you get to build a new grow space it’s almost my favorite part of any growing venture taking what I learn from 1 space to the next and improving it :slight_smile:


@BIGE the clone i have of a superskunk cut during flower IS INSANE! It just wants to grow, i cut 18clones off it 2wks ago and its bigger now then it was before i cut it. And they are 13days old and everyone is still alive, and has new growth and roots showing. Ive never got 100% with clones before let alone 18/18


Im doing a rebuild here soon my self dj
But i agree @Hogmaster will have a clean slate to work with when he gets down to Ga and starts to set up Woohoo :raised_hands:
And fir sure his new set up will be bigger and better then current :point_up:


Well he’ll @Hogmaster you couldn’t have picked a better state imho,even with no legalization good luck on the move… uuuhhhhggggggg I hate it


I assume you referring to the pain in the a&$ Moving is @Nug-bug
When my wife wanted a new house i told her flat out you want a house you need to hire a moving company lol
I took the smalls but i wasn’t moving the wall units and dressers appliances Etc


Ats right, it’s the most aggravating thing to me . Wrapping glass , stuffing boxes. Unpacking is the worst,takes 5 times longer.


I am never moving again! Between 2014-2017 I moved 3 times. Never again!


Sounds like me. I move 4 times from 2010-2015. Sucks!


Here is half repotted


and 2 in flower tent all done


I hope this don’t cause issues !


@yoshi nice dude very very nice you win lol :joy: :wink:


I didn’t win , it was not my challenge but I figure you wanted to see a peek , I’m really not suppose to is why I don’t post much , so I took a quick snap but it’s been a rollercoaster my brother . I think after I get a return on my portion I’ll sell my share and go back to the beginning , it’s a lot of daily checks on this side in commercial , no room for error . I rather just a few tree’s at the house in my quiet space .


Dude what a beautiful site thanks fir sharing with us @yoshi


Here’s a picture put some in flower room


@HJL this is it @Countryboyjvd1971 is also going big grow you can watch ask questions or whatever we will get you to where you want to be


Ill tag him into mine as well @Hogmaster


I can’t wait too get off work and feed the girls


Have you got your leds yet can’t wait to see what you think besides the color lol