Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


Photos are always good! Just saying



Your falling behind @Countryboyjvd1971 lol


My cups are already as soon as i get home cup soil and seed are becoming one lol @Hogmaster


i’d like to see you two get ripped and try stacking cups!lol
home funniest vid there!


@Countryboyjvd1971 your my boy blue


there all ready now :wink: come on @Countryboyjvd1971


Everyone @Countryboyjvd1971 is holding out I know he has his going can’t wait to see them buddy


i bet sparks are flying @Hogmaster smoke a rolling!


Hahahaa sorry buddy i fell asleep last night

Here you go my friend
:raised_hands: WooHoo


Good luck to you both. I’ll try to stay up to date on this, but service is back to being spotty.

I’ll have to wait another month or two for growing, but I’ll see if I can match your numbers then. Counting seed plants only or clones too?

Hope this loads before the connection is lost…second attempt…


I think we would allow clones as well @FloridaSon
Nice to see you around brother
@Hogmaster what are your tbought here ?


Absolutely yes


Ok. I have a bunch of seeds. Not all known strains, but plenty of them.

Bad reception is the price I pay for living in a national forest…


The view and suclusion must make it all worth it thi @FloridaSon


Not as secluded as I would like. I’m only about three blocks from the river, though. Luckily the Cross Florida Barge Canal project never made it to my neck of the woods.

They started at the Gulf and Atlantic to work inland. Marion county doesn’t have the canal dug out. That would have ruined my location.


I’m getting ready to move To a national Forest


i heard your grow was just listed on the national forest registery …lol


Lol I really wish


i think you are being a modest moderator…lol