Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


This is a legal warning :warning:@BIGE i just filed for copyrights to that name hahahhaa
Love it brother


all we need is a weight lifting belt and cadiliac hub cap… it’s done!!


Hahahaha thats hilarious E


Lmao! You guys got this


There will only be one if I have to lose @Countryboyjvd1971 you be the man I want to lose too


You humble me @Hogmaster
I bow to your skills my friend


@garrigan65 this one


and a little weed, bro… just sayin’

hahaha @BIGE


alotta weed @bob31
what’s this folks?
@BIGE puts on the coal miners glove,and pulled the trig.on 10skywalker og +5 gold leaf !!




Get em E!!! @BIGE


i’m coming off the top rope @MattyBear!
i’m so fired up i’ve been out back beating the bark off a hickory tree until momma blinked the light and i had to come in!


I wish you could tag me in lol! I just don’t have the space like all you good folks!


i’m just poking them two whyhoo’s…lol
my pockets are not deep enough to cover the anti! lol


@MattyBear come join the fun


Set to watching! Go get em guys!


Oh it’s on like donkey kong boys go get em’ champs!

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

You guys rock I’m watching this one :+1::grin:


I’m almost tempted to post a picture but this is not my challenge so I’ll just follow in the shadows gracefully , @hogmaster I’m sure by now you have the recipe dial in totally .


@yoshi Please share buddy


The bug of nugs got it on watching


Im with @Hogmaster @yoshi please share