Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


Imagine that I just got home from doing a patch and a box sitting by my door? So I may just try that for last few weeks on my pk


I actually had a bulb blow out on me had to next day ship one :cry:


Really? on the CMH? that’s not good I returned my last ballast after it killed 2 bulbs to find out it was a issue with ballast and others had same issue with it. The manufacturer claimed they were designed only to run their own cheap bulbs? that my hydro shop couldn’t even source I hope this isn’t similar problem?


I hope it was just a bad bulb


I would be contacting them to find out their story before I returned mine it had costed me $260 in replaced bulbs


@Hogmaster you done made the switch to LEC now , that’s gone make an impact in size but no so much in density from my experience are you running both in conjunction ?


No just the one so far


How many watts ?


630 with Phillips 3100k bulbs


No my best product today in my associated setup , we done an experiment out of curiosity to see results and with hortilux tubes hanging vertical with LEC and Led with all three in combustion the plants that receive the par from all three fixtures was by far over all best in taste , weight , and terpitines , and super super strong , just to give you an idea you on the right track but you must move lots of air and make constant adjustments to keep temperatures in range if you growing multiple strains due to what the thrive at base on how they been crossed , but if you grow the same strain it’s much easier in managing environment and pump them up with Co2 in three stages , vegging , beginning flower and once when pistols starts and no more and you would see a great significance in bud weight , density , and taste and very strong.


Yeah I have plenty of air moving staying around 58 lights out 68 lights on might have to add some led side lights :wink:


Add those side lights lol :joy: i paired my lec fixture up with my two full spectrum cobs fixtures for some side lighting :+1:


Finally a update sorry took so long


There we go brother. Those ladys look great. See thise nice yellow tops


Yeah there ok :ok_hand:
Lmfao looking great brother


:fu:t3:Dude lol :joy: oops that’s not the right one :+1:t2: There we go @Countryboyjvd1971


@Hogmaster Hahaha :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


Well be nice or drop more beans big boy hahahahHah


awesome @Hogmaster,i see some floor space there that needs covering!


Could easily fit a 3 gallon pot or a couple 1 gallons in there, no problem