Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


Looks good. I think you’re going to love that light. My buddy swears that he does better with it then he did with a 1k hps/mh.


I love my boys brother lol :+1: super loyal pets @Familyman420
Dude about time you hung that up woohoo
Yeah so much more room with out all those leds fixtures @Hogmaster
Hahahaha glasses are a must i made that mistake when i first hung mine @Donaldj


@Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971

I’ve been hanging out at the Compound to long haha thought it was time to come out and play when I found this thread…hahaha

You to guy’s kill me…hahaha with your Beans and L E Ds

Can’t wait to see the out come of all this. Should be very interesting.

Will download


We are both moving away from the leds @garrigan65 im only using them in veg now
Fyi becareful talking to @Hogmaster he’ll have you dropping more beans lol :+1:



That’s to funny cause he already has…lmao


Hes a bad influence @garrigan65 lol
He also made me take clone clippings hahaha
Have a great day brother
Need to gwt to work now
They actually want me to do stuff at work to earn my $ whats that all about lol


I don’t know…but it don’t figure…lol


Questions for @Countryboyjvd1971 , @Hogmaster , on the running temperature of the CMH 630 . I would like to run it in a 2x4 tent . Do you think it would get too hot with a 6" filter fan running ? I’m also thinking about ditching one of my tents and making a basement room 4 x 6 for a bigger grow area . Do you think the one 630 would be enough for the 4x6 area with 6 plants ?


@Seeddog youd be better off with a 315 w fixture for thst tent imo


It has a 5x5 footprint


Thank you, I though it might be too much . I wouldn’t want to cook my plants . I could use one more light for a future larger grow and I’m just checking out different lights .


I’ve been under meizhi leds until the other day till I hooked up my 630 I love them both can’t go wrong


Meizhi makes a good light, pretty dependable


So a 630 would be good for 4x6 , perfect thanks


Use the Phillips 315 3100k bulb highly recommend


lol and here I am waiting on parcel to arrive so I can go to LED for 1 space :wink: @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster you guys already know if it turns out good I will likely be pairing LEC’s next winter when it’s cool enough


I have one of the leds cobs you have you will be plesently suprizd I know I’m so happy with your recommendation for me this light I love it thanks @Donaldj


Plants are much nicer to look at under it :slight_smile: but jury will be out until you’ve flowered under it I think you will be pleased


I can’t wait there getting there


I actually paired the lec with my two 400 roleadro cobs (pink hue)