Hogmaster back outdoors 7 stains


talked to john in his big boy pants telling me about all the stuff he started !!! well i just started 12 autos 3 amn haze 3 ww 3 ak47 s skunk 3 i also have 2 banana kush going 2 skywalker 2 shiskaberry and my goldleaf your my boy blue @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Willd @garrigan65 @Donaldj @BIGE @Dumme @BrayneGro @AquaponicSteve @APmeds @70sChick @Smokin_ernie @Dieselgrower should be fun got to stock up before the move

A gifted grow 👍 Using Remo nutrients
+a gifted grow using remo nutrients

Sounds like fun but I think I have enough plants going for my space right now with 6 mothers 3 seedlings 3 plants in Veg and 3 in flower plus grafting and the fact I am growing in 3 different styles :wink: Hydro soilless and dirt all at same time I think I confuse myself enough that auto’s would be straw that breaks Camels back


I have that feeling too lol don’t start @Countryboyjvd1971 it’s on little buddy


Are you kidding me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Hahahaha :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
To funny I’ll drop more beans right now buddy lol I have pleanty you know that :joy:


Let’s do it I’m going to have to more lights got enough beans


I am eager to do a LED verse LEC flower cycle


Haha I have 6 led fixtures in reserve pal let’s do this haha


If I get that one I will be doing the same


Do you have leds @Donaldj


Working on it my only curse will be I may need to simply pair my LEC’s with them during winter or space will need heating


sounds like i need to up my game! lol


i love it i knew this would be alot of fun lol


Very cool :sunglasses: I was thinking about mixing in a few of my 300 w fixtures as side lights in lec flower tent ?
@BIGE you have the space now don’t you haha


from the words of rick flair,’‘to be the man,you have to beat the man’’…lol WOOOOOOOO!


o s### lol woooooooooo lol @BIGE


Hahahaha to funny @BIGE :joy::rofl:


My Extractor unit killed my grow budget for winter purged my storage vessel lastnight to put together my upgrade module now can run 190 grams flower each run makes things easier. If I had ordered Leds instead may have had both flower spaces covered but want to test not commit


Working on refining LEC distance in flower has been a game of inches pushing lights every closer to my canopy in flower to find the perfect range. Just remember I have light movers so I don’t lose too much footprint so don’t follow my lead lmao


i have been looking into them as well (light movers) ! for a year just need to order some !!!


@BIGE good ol Carolina boy right there lol