Hobby Dobbys First Grow - A Journal | 5 IGLM GDP Autos

I’ve been enjoying so many of your grow journals and so it’s inspired me to create my own. This is my first grow attempt. It is now legal in my state and I have the license so thought it was best to exercise my right to cultivate my own.

I’ve started with autos in coco as I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Canuck and have been studying his methods as legalization came closer a couple years back. So here we go…

AC Infinity 4X4 Tent
AC Infinity Inline w/carbon filter (4in)
2X Spider Farmer SF2000’s
A big ass fan
3X small fans
5X 3 Gallon Fabric Pots
5X risers
5X Pot saucers or whatever (author is medicated)

Gaia Green 444 and 284 equal parts during top dress, 444 only mixed into the medium when potting. Both mixed into the soil and top dressed periodically throughout.

5X ILGM GDP autos

Day 1
Seeds go directly into the pots with about a turkey baster full of water. I covered them with spill trays I found at the store to raise the humidity to I have no idea what percent.

Day 7

Both lights are at about 30% and 2.5 to 3 ft above the “canopy”

Day 17

Back right girl is a bit odd isn’t she?

Day 22

Day 25

Day 28

Day 31

Day 33

Day 35

Day 37

Day 40

Day 42

Day 45

Day 48

Day 49

Day 50

Day 51

Day 52

Day 54

Day 55

Day 56

Day 57

Day 58

Day 59

Will update as I finish up flower/harvest/dry/cure! As always…2 more weeks lol.


They look great. I will follow along!


Very nice :ok_hand: On your next grow you should start a journal at the beginning of grow so we can follow along :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Thanks @Bulldognuts! I certainly will next time. Just need these ladies to finish out first :slight_smile:

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One day closer to chop, mostly cloudy trichs.


Nice job man. They look great. Impressive


Tik Tok, Water when dry…

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Still no ambers.

Still no amber. Anyone see a nanner?

There are like 3 things I see there that are kinda weird but they don’t really look like boy parts to me.
Maybe just mutant sugar leaf or something?
I’ve only ever grown photos but I just dropped some autos so it ought to be fun!

Beautiful girls you have there.
You really paid attention in your studying!
If I read and studied this much when I was in school I could have been a botanist instead of a at home pot farmer! LOL!

Best of Luck on your finish!!

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Thanks!! This plant has been odd from the git. Her 4 sisters are savages.

This one is also for lack of a better description, sub-canopy.

I didn’t want to LST or HST much on the first swing at this and this girl came up slow, but then rallied and came up thick, just never caught up to the others. Each of them are quite different really.

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Day 66 - This pheno I would say needs the most time out of the 5. Still quite furry.

Week 10, 2 full days in.

These GDP autos are advertised to be 10 week finishers. They might go a couple days longer, but ILGM is pretty right on the money on this run.

GDP1 - Spaceballs

GDP2 - Barbara Bush

GDP3 - Degobud

GDP4 - Furple

GDP5 - Gimlys Old Lady

Team Photo


Harvest Day!