Ho Ho Ho, the Christmas grow 🎁


Looking good bro. Finally had likes and time to come thru. Looking. Damn fine. Frosty n stacking! Yea ton of white pistils. Come on girls! Grow up


Thanks! Pretty happy with the light. I need to get a really good lux meter to see what it actually pushes. The buds are fatter than my last grow (COB led).

It may even work in the 4x4… I have a SolisTek CMH fixture for the 4x4 set aside but I need a lamp. They are $120. I just spent over a $100 on Quantum lamps for the T5 so I kinda want to wait


Day 69 - White pistols beginning to shrivel on some of the more mature colas


How much longer do you have left?


Probably 5-6 weeks… Maybe a little less. They are getting fat and the sugar leaves are crystalline


That’s a realistic guesstimate. Everyone want to hear 2-3 weeks. Ur pistils white so I wouldn’t even worry bout trichs yet


Yeah, they are running about the same as my last grow. These WWA are growing about 110-120 days - seed drop to chop. I have time still.

I still have a lot of product left from harvest one. No rushing…


Music to my ears. Can’t wait for that day