Ho Ho Ho, the Christmas grow 🎁


Looking good bro. Finally had likes and time to come thru. Looking. Damn fine. Frosty n stacking! Yea ton of white pistils. Come on girls! Grow up


Thanks! Pretty happy with the light. I need to get a really good lux meter to see what it actually pushes. The buds are fatter than my last grow (COB led).

It may even work in the 4x4… I have a SolisTek CMH fixture for the 4x4 set aside but I need a lamp. They are $120. I just spent over a $100 on Quantum lamps for the T5 so I kinda want to wait


Day 69 - White pistols beginning to shrivel on some of the more mature colas


How much longer do you have left?


Probably 5-6 weeks… Maybe a little less. They are getting fat and the sugar leaves are crystalline


That’s a realistic guesstimate. Everyone want to hear 2-3 weeks. Ur pistils white so I wouldn’t even worry bout trichs yet


Yeah, they are running about the same as my last grow. These WWA are growing about 110-120 days - seed drop to chop. I have time still.

I still have a lot of product left from harvest one. No rushing…


Music to my ears. Can’t wait for that day


Day 71 - farm two may have a clog or the roots have choked the drip ring. Keeping an eye out… not concerned if the roots are the reason. I can top feed. I have mostly coco and perlite…

Uploading: 205BBBB1-194F-4740-9983-EFC669E713DE.jpeg… Uploading: 7E1DBF66-2B14-4C23-A87D-69D37FF09989.jpeg…


Damn they are stacking on in! How long from first pistil if u remember?


Probably a couple of weeks… close to three. They are getting fatter for sure!

How are things with you??


Decent. They are creeping along. I believe i could use some kinda booster shot. Trichs arent super developed and colas arent gaining weight like yours or others i see. I also startd flowering date count a week after flip. But pistils were showing n crowning.


Day 74 - @Vexer- I had a problem with Bio-Film buildup in my DWC farm 2. It clogged the air outlet and the roots sat in stagnant solution for about two days. Drowned roots. She looks sick AF… she might not make harvest.

Sid is producing fat buds… I am at least happy for that. Lesson learned… spend the $50 for a bottle of Hydroguard.

Here is Sid… I am too ashamed to post Nancy…


Show Nancy, she may not be lost just yet. You couldn’t have drowned her worse than my last grow. Show me her roots too if you can. She look worse than this lol.


Haha who had the thread 1000 ways to kill ur plants :joy::joy:


It would be a good name for my grow journals lol


Lol he wasmt doing half bad. Think it was past grows had him fairly sure theyd die. I cant find the journal. It was entertaining tho :joy:


Morning. Sad looking …


Cmon Nancy girl. Smile for the camera


Dude she has some life left in her. I would add plain water and drain a few time to get all the gunk out and see how she does in a couple weeks. Worst case scenario is that you turn it all into hash lol. Is she drinking at all?