Ho Ho Ho, the Christmas grow 🎁


@Countryboyjvd1971 is the hvac guy :wink:


My apologies… thanks for letting me know


Day 5 - I did not see #2 sprout when I looked earlier. #1 is poking through a little more. It was 0400 so I have better light now that the sun has risen.

Going to clip buds and trim today (summer plant) so that will free up space in the tent. Will clean it up and ready for these two new girlies…


Day 6 - I now have two sprouts!!!

Sid & Nancy :metal::sunglasses:


Lol, great names!


@Vexer - my next grow :metal::sunglasses:


I am now watching. Thanks for the tag!


Day 9 - I skipped posting for 2 days while I clipped and began the cure on my summer grow. Nothing really new. They are going under the T5 tonight. Pics to follow…


Sid and Nancy…

Definitely no worries with dead spots or uneven photon saturation with the new light. Gonna need glasses to work the plants with the light on.



Day 11 - So far, so good !!


Day 12 - I transplanted Sid and Nancy into their hydrofarms. I am going to cut the reservoir and controller inline this weekend. I don’t want to mess with it tonight. They can run solo until I start my seedling regiment. I suspect in a week… maybe sooner.




Day 13 - All’s quite on the Western Front …




Awsome setup! Looks good. I’m set to watching.


Thanks a lot :raised_hands: Going to need a decent humidifier for this winter grow… RH too low is my new battle… Yippee :confused:


Day 14 - (Day 1 of seedling regiment)

I cut the controller and reservoir inline and started week one of my seedling nutes:

GH FloraGrow, Bloom, Micro, CaliMag, Diamond Nectar, and FloraBlend. Next week, I add ArmorSI to the mix and a touch of Florilicious Plus…

PPM’s running 370
PH is 5.7






Day 15 - I have the reservoir filled with 5 gallons of nutrients. Will see how long that lasts. I change my regiment some at week 4 so I have a couple of weeks