Hmmmmm cal mag or something

What you guys think it’s in flower

A very possibility :thinking:!

Cal or a ph lockout. Or salt buildup from not flushing.
Signs of mag also so cal mag

Tell me about how you are watering. Ph in/out, feedings, PPMs. Where is the problem, top or bottom?

Watering - ro add cal mag and terpinator ph6.7-6.9
Feeding - cal mag terpinator fox farm trio ph to 6.7to 7
Ppms after feeding normally 1700 to 2k and don’t get fed till comes out around 500 every 4 days normally …water ever other day and check ppms normally after watering there like 1000 after two days …… I water and feed about 1 gallon per pot to get ten percent run off


Ph run off is 6.2 to 6.4 sometimes 5.9 here and there fox farm happy frog soil

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