HLG Wago Specs (Wire Gauge)

Question for you @MrPeat, since you’ve run your HLG drivers outside your tent.

I’m going to run my drivers outside my tent today as my tent temps reached 88F this morning while the tent was sealed before I got up and opened the door. What is the largest gauge wire that the wago connectors will accept, or what gauge wire do you use?


I used 18 gauge solid wire similar to what comes with kit. I have my drivers mounted on wall out of way but easy to get to for adjustments

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Thanks. I have a 1x6 I am going to mount them to and then I was going to hang that 1x6 on the wall next to the tent.

I got an answer. I looked up the Wago p/n 221 and it says it accepts as large as 12 AWG. I personally think you’d have a hard time closing the wago with 12 gauge wire though. I’m not going to try it. I’ll pick up some 16 gauge today.

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That’s what I used :+1::v:

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@FlxerPower I used 14 gauge solid core wire and it fits perfectly in the Waco’s provided in the kit. :+1:

I also bought two aluminum heat sinks off Amazon.

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Thanks, @MrPeat. They didn’t have 16 gauge so I got 14 gauge (solid core) too.

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That is all I could get as well. The only 16 gauge they had was stranded and not solid core. I’m glad I switched out that crappy wire.

@MrPeat You mentioned buying a heatsink off of Amazon. I’d like to convert a non-XL to an XL. Could you please tell me the seller’s name so I can find it? I’d get one from HLG, but they are $70 and I’m guessing I can get one for less, even if I have to drill the holes myself.

@FlxerPower The one I got was two small ones. They do have bigger ones for around $20. The one I did get is just a little bigger than the Meanwell Driver. So I won’t recommend that https://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Heatsink-Amplifier-Transistor-Semiconductor/dp/B073R5GRHT/ref=sr_1_6?crid=YVGI94IVHO9Z&keywords=aluminum+heatsink&qid=1580511155&sprefix=Aluminum+hea%2Caps%2C189&sr=8-6

I didn’t really stop and think about the size of the heat sink. I don’t think they get bigger than this one I listed. From a quick search.

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