HLG Scorpion And UVB

Finally pulled the trigger on a ac infinity 5x5 with the t6 in-line fan. Have a HLG scorpion coming and wondering if I should add some uvb lights to the mix. What are your experiences with these if you use them?

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I personally don’t see a reason for them if you have a good main light…

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I have a uv bar in my 4x4 tent and ive noticed a solid increase in thc production but only by about 10% max if thats worth the i dont remember 100$? Then thats up to you

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@Illinoisbuck3 I think @jorkvilleyoe was getting into UV lighting also. Maybe he can share his experiences (if my memory is correct here lol)

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UVA is what you want - UVB is more for reptile warming and can damage plants with too much exposure.
The atmosphere filters most of the UVB and pretty much all UVC out of the spectrum.
UVA is safe from start to finish and will increase production of trichomes and resins - the THC containing parts of the plant.

BTW - I have both HLG and FGI(Forever Green Indoors) UVA lights in my tents.
I’ve seen the difference in clones grown under UVA vrs moms who didn’t get supplemental UV at all.
The clones were much stickier!
For my money it’s worth the difference since it’s a one time expenditure.

Best of Luck to you!!


I believe @SilvaBack203 is running the Scorpion with no uvb. Has some banging buds.

Im using blackbird and 2 other hlg lights no uv

@Borderryan22 thank you alot brother

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I’ve read up on this and will eventually get a dedicated UV light bar to attach to my HLG but the benefits are “minimal” but that’s not too say there aren’t benefits. I forget the numbers but say you have 2% terpenes or whatever it can increase that by 10%. 10% of 2% isn’t a ton in the grand scheme but it’s an improvement.
I can’t remember the exact numbers off top of my head I’ve read so many articles and podcast and videos over the last few months learning I can’t retain it all. That said I know the effects it has is on numbers that are very small to begin with.

@Tylersays uses 1 with his light he can tell you better

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I personally seen terpenes improvement using Photosynthesis + and fish shit