HLG Quantum Boards Deltas

I am going to be adding an additional LED or 2 and have a question about the Rspec versions, please.

Is the only difference between the QB288 V2 and the QB288 V2 XL the size of the heat sink and the spacing of the LED PCBs?



Yes @FlxerPower the hlg260 v2 use a double slate 2 heatsink

While the hlg260 xl v2 uses a triple slate 2 heatsink

Both use 288 lmb301b diodes on their pcb boards and hlg 240h c2100a drivers


Seems like the larger footprint of the XL is a more efficient way of delivering light across 2 plants.


It also helps dissipate heat better from the pcb boards.

Good question it also prevent overlapping of the footprint of your two separate boards.I like the XL

288 v2 is the board used. The 260 xl is a kit with two 288 boards and a 3 board heatsink. In comparison to the standard 260 kit, yes the only difference is the heatsink.

The r-spec is a just like a 288 v2 board, but also has 660nm leds.

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Going to order the XL then and go for the bigger footprint rather than the overlap, which concentrates a lot of the energy in the center.