HLG Quantum Board problems?


I’m sure. I knew because I follow a bigger forum with a lot more people that are the type to be spending big money.


I understand the no guarantee part, thus my question.


I just ordered my second QB324 kit. This first did have the washers to prevent shorts and works very well in my 2x4 tent. Ordered another to fit out a 4x4 tent.


Nice! Quite a bit cheaper this time right?


Sadly I ordered on Saturday, and Sunday the price went down $29. It’s a hard hard world!! :slight_smile:
Still, I love the light so not a big deal!


Bummer! Good news is you’re a step ahead with a kick ass light anyway. Will produce enough to cover cost in a single harvest, so no worries.


So guess what @dbrn32, the good folks at HLG gave me the sale price on the kit!!! Only thing better than the product is the customer service!!

I will be back for more down the road and support their business.

The QB324 is just a great light I think!


That’s awesome!


They are a pretty legit company. I just got sent a free QB 11 Red


Man that is as cool as all get out. How did you manage that??


I was talking with Robin and he offered to send me one, I was like good deal. I will see about adding it to my light.


That is a good deal! Let us/me know how it is and how it goes. Thanks!


Shit, probably the reason you can’t hardly buy them lol.