HLG Quantum Board problems?

Hello good people! I have yet to purchase an HLG product and am always researching. I have come across some info. where folks are having problems with their boards. Namely shorting, arcing and possible fires do to faulty materials(fasteners without washers, etc.). 
I really want an HLG for some time now and have been waiting for a birthday or Christmas gift to myself but need to know all the inside scoop from real owners and users that I trust. Hence my question to this most educated and knowledgeable group.

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No tag. This is for everyone. Information makes us all stronger!

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No argument here. dbrn32 is without a doubt the man to ask or talk to. I just don’t want to tag and “bother” him with yet another light question. He is the one that turned me on to HLG qb’s in the first place!!!

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The only issue I have seen with the qb’s is with the 324. Apparently the bus trace on the boards is within the footprint of mounting bolts, and some of them were arcing. Since then they have listed a solution of placing non conducive washers on the mounting bolts. All 324 are suppose to be sent with the washers as of right now, or you’re suppose to contact hlg for the washers.

Otherwise I haven’t seen any issues with any of their other products. The closest to an issue would be the hlg-600 kit pushing temps close to limit. But that’s kind of to be expected when running boards at max current, and easily combatted by installing fan blowing over the top of sink.

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More like the issues are caused by the user and not HLG, or they’re buying “generic” copies and not actual HLG products.

Of course, we cannot forget how unscrupulous competitors will deliberately go out of their way to spread rumours to try and damage the competition.

My own Google search shows no results like you claim so would you be so kind to link to these claims so we can see things for ourselves?

No @anon35207245 it is a hlg issue not generic I just ordered one from hlg and their is a red section that explains they have this issue and they are sending nylon washers to fix problem. I just ordered Saturday. Their site explains if it doesn’t arrive with nylon washers to get in contact with them and they will ship them right out

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bigbananafeet, I am not sure how to do that. However, I see where Sirsmokes has backed it up right on this forum.

You’re not looking hard enough then. As @Sirsmokes pointed out, hlg has owned and corrected the issue. Price drop along with design mod.

Then that’s a mighty big screw up by them but at least they are reacting, although I don’t know how they could actually design something where power could be so close to mounting points.

As I said, my Google search under various parameters gave nothing which is why I questioned it, as the last time I looked at the HLG site that warning was not there, indicating it is a recent issue which could explain why I couldn’t find anything regarding the issues in the OP.

And if you look closer, you see not all boards are affected.

The 324 is, by the look of things, but no others, which explains why googling for said issues such as fire hazard, arcing, etc, gave nothing as I didn’t specify model.

So one model seems to have a potential issue, not the whole range, and they have addressed it.

That’s why I specifically stated the 324 board and also made this statement

If you’re still looking

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Not arguing with you, just pointing out that unless you know EXACTLY what to search for then the results that come back are negative which is why I queried things. Had the original post mentioned a specific model then the response would have been different, but even then it does not negate the infamous “human factor” where everything is provided but not used.

Anyway, bottom line is they’ve identified a problem and rectified it promptly, which is more than many other companies do.

It wasn’t no big deal I was just letting you know I just ordered one and I didn’t get the red message until I picked this specific light si I knew you couldn’t just get onto hlg and see it


Yup me neither. I can’t possibly know what goes on with every component out there. But I do follow the popular stuff pretty closely.

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I did not mention a specific model because I wanted to here answers on all models. I figured if one model had issues the rest were not to far behind. That’s the way it usually works. I know a lot of people here use qb’s so this IS the place for answers. Not to mention I totally respect and value the opinions and knowledge of this group!!

Given the amount of threads on forums about QB’s, plus everything else out there, I’m shocked nothing came up with my search.

Google “quantum board electric shock”, or change electric shock for “arcing”, “fire hazard”, etc and you’ll see what I mean.

Plenty things saying don’t touch exposed connections or you’ll maybe get a zap up the arm, but that’s it.

Had you mentioned the offending model, then the reassurance over the rest of the range would have come faster.

And, actually, it doesn’t always follow the way you describe as different models have different construction methods and layouts so there is no guarantee that such a follow-on across the entire range would apply.