HLG? Newbie needing lights

I need to purchase a light set up for a 4x4 grow tent with 6 plants. This will be my second grow.

As a side note, this is an absolutely incredible site and forum. I don’t think I would have ever attempted to grow if it had not been for this very informative and user friendly site. For any beginner, if I can produce nice yields in my primitive set up, then anyone can. This site will continue to grow as more people like myself discover the medical benefits of cannabis.

I have considered purchasing the Nextlight Mega, G8led, and HLG 550 V2 Rspec . Judging by the posts, it sounds like an HLG set up is the most efficient light for the money.

I am trying to decide whether to purchase 1 HLG 550 V2 Rspec or 2 HLG 300L V2 Respec.

I have not made any purchases towards this endeavor yet I am open to new suggestions.



You can spread the fixture out for a little better coverage.
The large panel covers, but the 2 cover better.


Yeah, and with the 2 260xl’s you can run different heights and intensity. Just gives better flexibility.


Thank you. That is just the push I needed. It is helpful to have experienced growers on here for advice.

6 plants may be too many for that size tent but I will figure that out soon enough. I need yields to make cannabis oil but I also want to experiment with a variety of strains.


I do recommend two lights specially growing different strains. The two lights will give you more flexibility. With indicas and santiva at the same time. I have had 6 plants in a 4x4 space before ,and I promised myself I’d never do it again. I basically can get the same yield with 4 plants. Good luck with your new venture.


Thank you for your information. You pointed out something that is logical but I hadn’t really thought about. I would get the same yields with less plants but I would not have the variety. I do need the large yields to make oil.

I may find that I need two set ups if I want a wide variety of strains. It almost seems like I am throwing potential of each plant out the window.


Yeah you get too many plants they start fighting for space.

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Welcome! New grower here also. This is a great place. I wouldn’t even probably have started my grow if it wasn’t for this forum… As for the lighting my opinion is go with two fixtures. Positioning for one reason and the second being if a driver goes down or some other even you still have one light to keep you in the game. I’ll be watching good luck!


Yes. I had too many plants! I won’t do that ever again. Fortunately I was able to utilize the outdoor sunshine and I moved some plants outside. I also found myself rotating plants in and out of the tent every 12 hours. It was a hassle and towards the end I broke a few bud laden branches moving plants in and out of the tent.


My plants have turned out wonderfully despite my foolish decision
The new lights are incredible. My skywalker looks like it will be around a pound of bud as soon as I harvest. I read that Skywalker isn’t best suited for indoor growth, I credit this successful grow to the HLG lights.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from growing if they can’t afford the more expensive lights. I have a second tent with inexpensive burple lights and they also have worked well for me. I harvested just under a pound from my Durban Poison plant grown using two inexpensive 600 watt LED lights.


Glad you like your new hlg lights.


They’re pushed so much here that a lot of new people think there are promoters or bots here for HLG. In fact we push them because we use them and they just work and work really well.