HLG lights have used two drivers

They have used Meanwell/Inventronics light drivers, both have factories in china. Just tired of hearing the word knockoff, cheap when it comes to pushing products. HLG makes a good light, not bad for a company 6 yrs old. American made with chinese products.

Ps dont shoot the messenger, theres peeps who know this and allow it to hsppen sll the time.

I love my hlg, but since it came from 1 of the 500 companies that sell lights for hlg, it always got a kknockoff comment and such i have politely ask who sells knockoffs with no reply.

Samsung, the semiconductor fabricator, you know diodes and such.

7 plants, 4 in Korea, 2 in China, 1 in Austin tx.

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I don’t think you’ve articulated your point clearly. If there’s a question there I missed it…


No question, just tired off china and knockoff statements.

People need to look at their own drivers before casting stones.


I don’t think anything is made 100% by any one country anymore.
Look at your car and see where each thing came from.
Take those apart and each component comes from different places.
Might have final assembly in a single place but the object works who cares.



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Exactly why i posted, every time someone wants a new light, they get history lesson about china and knockoffs. I didnt come here to here to listen to chinese crap or your personsl opinion. About china. No body has said bad about HLG ,or customer service. I came hear to grow.
Is that kind of hatred thst divides the USA. Lol i have nothing agsinst a poor chinese worker thats stuck in that country. Their government yes.

I dont have nothing against a mexican father who wants a bettrr life for his kids either. This forum has allowed your kind of responses. They are mean and belittling thinking we dont know about those things. I have a good education and dont need chinese lesson.

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The bulk of the ‘knockoff’ comments is due to predatory and misleading advertising statements on platforms like Amazon to sell inferior products. This is well-documented. The reason HLG is treated with respect is because they provide third party objective performance data that can (more or less) be relied upon. Instead of “XX model 1,000” which produces the “equivalent” to 1,000 watts but only draws 100 watts. That’s misleading on it’s face.

As a new grower I was bitten by this and paid the price. There are a lot of others here that experienced the same problem and most are trying to keep others from going down that road as well.


You also choose which threads you read, which comments you read, and where you post. And you certainly don’t get to determine what information others can ask or post. Just keep scrolling :grin:


B, post your remsrks here, not in my emsil box. Again, dont need china flu lesson,

I asked you to show me why mine is knockoff, hlg, all mouth and no proof.

You have trolled my thread trying to find a light more than a few times
With racist crsp that is tolerated.

I dont have any say, and thats correct, but mods do, and allowing the racists remarks when peeps came on here looking for a light and getting unwanted comments to their questions that serve no relevance to buying a light isnt right.

Im a bad guy for not liking the troll belitting a purchase we made from one of hlgs distributors, their web site does say they have 500 authorized hydroponic shops selling their lights.

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Nobody said you had to like the member, but making negative condescending remarks towards them isn’t being friendly, and won’t be tolerated.
Refrain from destructive behavior on the forum. I was pretty clear in the PM, addressing that and if you aren’t able to do so, I recommend moving along. As @dbrn32 mentioned, could keep scrolling, it would make everyone’s lives easier.


Your message will be better accepted if you refrain from engaging in behavior not allowed on the forum. If you have a problem with a member, FLAG it. That is precisely why we’re here. You now have 3 moderators dealing with this.

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How does one email a member and the post doesnt show up on the forum? Or does it get cleaned up. I can assure you i have been patient since day one. Over a month, numerous threads and chinese remarks are allowed when light searches begin and they are not “promoting forum” policy!

I have had one pm covert, the one you just posted, you make it sound like there was another.

One more time: if it violates forum policy, flag it.

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I saw the comment aimed at you but it has since been removed. Certain replies go to your email and removing them from the forum wont remove them from your email.
I was disturbed by it too, but not wanting to see you go down this rabbit hole any further perhaps just know the majority of us feel like you do and move on.
I like your presence here on the forum.

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Thanks for the kind words spiney, not the way i wanted my day to start. Its nice to know it was seen by others.

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Spiney, how do yo flag a post?is the bookmark supposed to be the flag.

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@Mosca Hit the three dots some options will come up you will see a flag hit the flag :v: